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Sometimes it's good to go back to basics and explain the ways in which scientists investigate prehistoric life.
Let's start with the basics of stocking your pantry.
Science, when you break it down to basics, is about trial and error.
Most people learn loops, rolls and spins as the basics.
The details may differ, but the basics of the story are true.
When it comes to the basics of toothbrushing, once you have brush with a decent head its all down to your scrubbing technique.
Tutorials show novice users the guitar basics, and then proceed to teach chord progression and chord recognition.
Well, for one thing, the show's focus is on teaching preschoolers the basics of math.
Biologists are still sorting out the basics of how to turn stem cells into regenerative therapies.
Netiquette, gives some good basics for presenting yourself well online.
There are some good websites that explain the basics.
It is a college-altering moment, and during such moments it's good to take stock of the basics.
The more time students spend with us, the further they can go beyond the basics into larger conceptual issues.
Complex, demanding work and big ideas-college work-should be put on hold until they master the basics.
Depriving students of those basics in a rush to make them critical doesn't make sense.
We'll teach them all they need if they know the basics.
We all make money one way or the other, so stop pontificating about who is better and get back to the basics.
The basics of leadership require setting a good example and treating others decently.
Gardens and organic foods should be part of the basics.
Psychologists have been studying cognitive bartering for some time, and several basics are well established.
If every organism is created from the same building blocks and basics, they will have similarities among them.
Once the basics are met, plus a certain amount of discretionary resources, you reach a point of diminishing returns.
It's a good way to stay up to date on current research in a specific field, as well as learn the basics.
Other investigators advocate an even more back to basics strategy.
Our research is to study the devices and how they work to help people that are using them understand the basics of the devices.
The basics however still rely upon bearings of many designs, all giving up something to friction.
For quality results from any camera, the basics of photography still apply no matter how an image is captured.
And that means learning the basics of alpine climbing.
He began playing chess at the age of six and taught himself the basics.
Refreshingly light on gear, once you've learned the basics, your workout can travel with you-even into the backcountry.
After learning the basics, students choose to specialize in a martial arts style based on their interests and physical ability.
Where basics such as cooking oil are available they are rationed by shopkeepers.
They should be equipped with the basics of civilised life, including water filters and solar panels.
So veterans looking for a move into the commercial world often need a crash course in the basics.
Beginners start with the basics, such as how to shop, eat and drink.
Get these basics right, and developing countries ought to outpace advanced economies.
Complex economies are being run by people without a firm grasp of the basics.
Add it all together, and she's able to express the basics of what she wants or needs.
Mitford demystifies what should be a simple process and takes us back to the basics.
However, the basics are what drives hydro-power plants.
Stick with this trusted brand for your beauty basics.
My father taught me all the basics about acting, but the main thing he taught me is kind of a non-verbal thing.
But beyond such basics, it pushed to create prisons where the state could barely function.
To test the basics of quantum theory, physicists recently pulled out an antique.
The flow of heat throughout the ocean creates temperature extremes that challenge the basics of life.
We have to have people who understand the absolute basics from the bottom up.
Worse yet, dazzled by the prospect of designer antibodies, doctors have neglected the basics.
The talk was quite good, with him going over the basics of the people who fight against vaccinations.
It is not cruel, especially if you provide those basics.
Once she's gotten across the basics, she lets them practice on their own, looking over their shoulders as they work.
Do your research, acquaint yourself with the the basics of primary data.
The meds help him to concentrate, to learn how to talk and socialize, to learn basics.
Any chance you could give me a few sentences offering the basics on each of these different types of graphs.
Except for the basics, not that in the know about comets.
With these basics in mind, let's move to a specific repulsive example.
The lessons are indeed based on the scientific basics.
That's a lot to swallow, but hopefully the basics are clear.
Avoid the temptation to spend beyond basics, and stash away savings.
Consultants who hold seminars explaining the basics of workplace casual are still making a comfortable living.
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