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Example sentences for bashing

We saddle up and begin the long ride out, bumping and bashing down glacial valleys.
We might as well start bashing purse science as a useless endeavor.
Well it is time for the annual bashing of proprietary colleges.
But the bashing that the anonymous professor is taking here is unwarranted if you have not walked in his or her shoes.
Please limit climate change bashing to the appropriate discussion threads.
But hey, feel free to continue bashing all those who don't agree with as morons and an idiots.
There is so much marriage-bashing in our culture and media, and speculation that marriage is untenable.
Bashing skeptics will not help restore the credibility of this honorable profession.
Bashing an elderly nun under an obscene label does not seem to be a particularly brave or stylish thing to do.
It comes down, pretty much, to bashing buttons to make the ball hop to the next section.
If these measures stick, they will join a growing list of bag-bashing schemes around the world.
But an ear-bashing from politicians won't fix the problem.
Yet despite much speechifying from banker-bashing politicians, such views do not seem to have taken hold.
Cost-conscious governments everywhere are bashing pricey patented drugs even as they boost cheap generics.
Bashing foreign companies is always easier than defending them.
There is absolutely nothing to be attained by you bashing someone that thinks differently than you.
Most of her talk ended up being bashing the movie for various inaccuracies.
If you actually want to take the time and truly understand what you're all bashing than please watch the video.
There is the typical bickering and bashing, but even that is eloquent.
The debate is reduced to name calling and people bashing when the science and the facts no longer support the argument.
And characters rich enough to occupy any movie that doesn't depend on head-bashing and entrails-feeding.
One only has to watch the late night television to witness a continual barrage of character bashing.
Affirmative action programs and an end to immigrant bashing.
It's also not a forum for bashing anyone or any organization.
We are taking a bashing for some of the votes, as well as questions regarding leadership.
After repeatedly bashing her face into the dashboard, he returned to his car and retrieved a knife.
Human ancestors used these tools for a number of purposes, ranging from butchering game to working wood to bashing one another.

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[Oliver North is a] document-shredding, Constitution-trashing, Commander in Chief-bashing, Congress-thrashi... more
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