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Example sentences for bash

Maybe those left behind even had a second farewell party, a blowout bash with better champagne.
Tidal surges and currents can bash a diver's head against a steel platform.
Political rivals grabbed a tempting stick with which to bash his derided government.
Why don't you go to a country without real freedoms and then maybe you can have a reason to bash.
In relating this information, it is not my intent to bash those with credentials.
Software firms prefer to bash out code and then try to catch as many bugs as possible while racing to ship the product.
The frame options are fun and you can drop it, bash it and throw it and it won't break.
Whether the leaders of this multipolar world will rub along or bash elbows remains to be seen.
No reason not to bash him for what he did of course.
For those looking to bash the multi-billion dollar aid industry, it is an appealing thesis.
So criticize with facts by all means, but do not bash.
It intrigues me, however, why people need to bash the company.
The event, which began modestly, gradually turned into a celebrity bash.
The bashers bash out single beautiful sentences, and when they're done, they're done.
They too will become big business and another generation will be there to bash them.
The truth is it's such a trope to sit around and bash your parents.
The reluctance to bash bankers' bonuses stems from recognition that wholesale finance is a global business.
He bashes those who bash bankers, pointing to the jobs that the financial sector creates and the tax revenues it generates.
It would be poor of me to bash this work so harshly without giving an alternate theory, so here goes.
Invariably the little boys would bash and break the dolls and use arms and legs as guns.
It makes no sense to bash something for which you have no knowledge, this goes against science as well.
At any rate, if you're going to bash the conclusion, you have to refute the logic.
It was a bash against mainstream media sources, not the few and proud remaining science journalists or scientist journalists.
Their families are busy making plans for a welcome-home bash at the end of the month.
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