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Let's talk about the number of foreign military bases and what they cost.
The mostly white bases to the outer tail feathers form distinctive white tail patches visible from underneath or when in flight.
It is prevalent around college campuses and military bases.
All the landers were left behind, the bases remaining where they touched down.
Bulbous structures at stem bases more add to my plant list enlarge.
The missiles were often displayed in public squares for a while before heading out to the bases.
In fact, he bases a lot of his research on when people do and do not use their mobile devices.
Even though it is twisted up into the famous double helix, all that matters is the order of the bases that form it.
Electrodes at the bases of the fibers collected the charge.
These are then captured to drive a steam generator hooked into the bases centralized heating and cooling systems.
He bases his stories around actual subjects with the writer's license to fill the fictional plots.
Hauling fuel to remote bases not only puts troops in jeopardy, by sending them on convoy runs through bomb-laden roads.
Community colleges close to growing bases need to create and expand technical programs that meet specific job needs.
Secondly the navies should actively pursue the pirates to their bases of operation and take them out.
Genomic data are simply the sequence of four different bases.
It think there is room for admiration on this bases alone.
Large bluish green leaves with bases that clasp the stems.
Military bases all over the world, warships on every ocean, have not given us security.
Gamble bases her advice on research she and her colleagues conducted to learn why children lie.
Place the picks through the base of each pad, then overlap the pad bases slightly as you go.
More and more community colleges' libraries are accessing data bases instead of subscribing to journals.
The parent trees send out new sprouts from their bases and fallen limbs, which grow as exact copies of their parents.
The inner ring of gas is dispersed around the edges of the bases.
Nursing students account for one of my company's biggest customer bases.
Initially, several of the bonobos in the group would take up positions at tree bases and steadily gaze upward.
His plant choices really cover the bases for winter gardening.
In certain birds, the same structures hold the bases of large wing feathers.
The brush fueled fires that imperiled the sequoias-which resist flames at their bases but can die if fire attacks their crowns.
For the military, that means taking land prices into account in choosing sites for bases.
It seems pretty clear that this could be studied on a population bases.
And thereafter he got his hands on funding for everything from highways to military bases.
Army has scores of bases scattered all across the world.
They will return to civilian life, making them less easy to monitor than active-duty troops returning to bases.
ID looks at the evidence with an open mind and bases conclusions only on evidence.
Certainly it will not be a trivial thing, and might bring install bases back into parity.
He thinks it might be time to evaluate these modern intellectuals on the same bases that they enjoyed evaluating their forebears.
Their successors lack experience or independent power bases.
She was already a known artist and she spent her time in service traveling to different military bases and singing for soldiers.
And you hear that in the military every once in awhile, if you're near military bases.
Compare photographs of moon-landing bases taken before and after the astronauts landed on the moon.
Nearly all have small bases that make you start asking questions about balance-first in the piece, then in art, then in life.
First, a gene is relatively large, typically consisting of tens of thousands of chemical bases in a row.
He bases that conclusion on their locations, which generally provide a line of sight from one to another.
The synovial cavities of these joints are prolonged for a short distance between the bases of the metacarpal bones.
No one who matters actually thinks that a national literature can be founded on such alien bases.
They put back, so far as they could, the old feudal bases of privilege and of more or less disguised tyranny.
Tables of the daily state of the heavens, used as bases for prognostications.
All life was absent, both from them and from the fantastic barrenness of the bowlder-strewn land at their bases.
If you have the relevant information in both places, you've covered your bases with both types of readers.
Those trends, not the current percent alone, are bases of forecasts of the eventual disappearance of tenure.
Experience and imagination are among the bases for knowledge.
Both stir up stories and perceptions to solidify their bases.
However, the pantry bases eligibility on the previous year's income, and requires you to bring your tax papers.
Rectrices average narrower and with more rufous at bases, and white tips to outer rectrices narrower.
Some funerary objects, including alabaster bases, were also recovered from the tomb.
For instance, tiny copper cauldrons have been found with sooty bases, suggesting children used them to cook food.
Military bases can be impressive installations to visit.
All these experimental devices travel about on bases supported by three or four wheels.
No single or simple explanation covers all the bases, but three factors loom particularly large.
But the biological bases for these urban and rural differences have been unclear.
Enter telecommunications companies, along with their customer bases and business models.
The remaining forest birds have been relegated to small populations on military bases, where the snakes are kept in check.
Some shows are greying faster than the networks that carry them, in part because they have fan bases that are ageing naturally.
He says that if the technology does work in orbit, the habitats will be ideal for building bases on the moon.
In effect, the two parties have spent the twentieth century swapping regional power bases.
Our research showed that many have sharply declining tax bases which have caused budget cuts.
The trick is finding more and more fantasy books with loyal-and large-fan bases.
But in this case, it means that he didn't know enough to cover all his bases.
These are the process of closing unneeded bases and the privatization of many functions of logistics and maintenance.
The vegetables grow at the bases of the plants under the cover of the spade-shaped leaves.
He often researches how particular ingredients have historically been cooked, then bases novel interpretations on what he finds.
The book covers many bases: the cruelty of children, the testing of physical and emotional boundaries, the fallibility of parents.
They would be housed on bases rather than obliged to make the dangerous trip home every night.
More and more crossword constructors are relying on computer programs and data bases of common clues.
The algorithm that the researchers devised bases the detection of parked vehicles on dips in the ultrasonic sensor readings.
Customers might include airports and military bases, he says.
Sorry but this make no-sense, there is no way to directly measure how pollution effects peoples health except on individual bases.
But a shift began last year, away from big units on supersized forward operating bases to a network of small outposts.
Companies always have to remain responsive to their customer bases.
They are relatively tall and stand on bases with sinuous, elegant moldings that look as if they had been turned on a lathe.
They should be used as bases for actions against society, but never taken seriously.
There is little light in the pathways, recreation areas, and parking lots around the bases of the tall buildings.
At one or two places in the sequences-called bases-there were differences in spelling.
Fertilization research, she realized, would allow her to cover all the bases.
Around their bases, they built street upon twisted street of small mud-brick houses.
The next step is leaving things on the moon-equipment, robots, dwellings-and little by little build up lunar bases.
They eat the tips, which are far more nutritious than the middles or bases.
So long as both parties have strong bases, the game will be zero-sum, with no clear winners or losers.
Acids and bases are corrosive and will destroy body tissue.

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