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Example sentences for base station

Move beyond that base station's range and the computer must establish a new connection from scratch with another station.
Install antenna feed line from base station radio location and install roof mounted antenna.
There's a finite capacity that the cell phone system can support at any given base station.
The consequence of this is that each base station has a much shorter range.
Having no security from the phone to a base station on a mast makes it easier to filter and monitor traffic.
Yes, sure, a mobile phone with a directional antenna can connect to a base station outside the normal range.
Note the higher scale, which clearly shows the tracks of the rover as it moved around its base station.
And if you are close to the base station, it will be substantially lower.
The equipment includes base station controllers and switches.
He leaves the lunar base station to make a repair, only to be injured when he crashes his rover.
The strength of the signals that a handset has to generate depends on how far away it is from such a base station.
If another signal is detected, the handset and base station retune to avoid the other signal, keeping the connection alive.
Data travels wirelessly to a base station, which relays the information over an ordinary phone line to the company.
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