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Example sentences for base camp

The second will allow radio-frequency communications when the aircraft is near a base camp.
Crank it up for maximum safety during a nighttime run, or drop it to preserve the battery for a long hike from base camp.
Managing your base camp is essential, as everything you construct must be maintained by workers at all times.
On the ascent, they had come upon the body of a climber they'd met at base camp weeks earlier.
Staff members at base camp tell of a stressed-out troop that tied one of its hikers to a tree earlier this year.
And eventually a base camp will be established at one of the poles.
They travelled thirty-six hours with little rest, only to find that the base camp they had so long dreamed of was deserted.
Visual and audio information is relayed back to a research team's base camp via radio transmitter for observation and recording.
It collects data and takes photographs-then flies back to base camp where a human takes control to help with the landing.
The town is a great base camp for anyone who wants to explore the national monuments or the dense wilderness that surrounds them.
The area makes a centrally located base camp where you can stay to enjoy the region's many outdoor activities.
The city makes a centrally located base camp from which to explore the area's indoor and outdoor rock climbing opportunities.
The town offers restaurants and shops and makes a good base camp for whitewater rafting and cross-country skiing.
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