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The surging water washed away the basalt and much of the rich topsoil.
But under the water, volcanoes continued to erupt, sending up magma and forming mountains of basalt.
Craters dot the surface of a lunar mare, or basalt sea, on the dark side of the moon.
Scientists have looked for evidence of life in rocks before but only on the surface of basalt rocks or in sedimentary layers.
Basalt from the excavation will be used to make concrete to build the locks.
Some raised moon areas are dark in contrast to surrounding areas because of volcanic basalt flows, previous researchers found.
The exterior walls are of basalt from nearby cliffs and bricks woven into a basketlike pattern.
The walls of stone enclosed in wire mesh filter in natural light-at night, light from inside shines out through the basalt rocks.
The land's rise and fall over time, they say, can be attributed to variation in what may be a continuous flow of molten basalt.
Thick slabs of charcoal-colored basalt were made into roomy countertops.
The hardened lava that makes up these cliffs is called basalt.
The density of basalt and limestone artifacts showed that this was the tool-making center.
We trudged out onto a cobbled, sunbaked pan, featureless but for a rough semicircle of basalt rocks.
The interior of the fortress is a maze of basalt walls and vaulted chambers.
On his last major trip he shot a dramatic double sea arch of volcanic basalt.
The ocean's crust is a thin layer of volcanic rock called basalt.
And new storage options may be opening up, ranging from offshore sediments to basalt, briny aquifers to porous sandstone.
Seafloor is made of a denser rock called basalt, which presses deeper into the mantle, producing basins that can fill with water.
Another component, basalt, originated from undersea lava vents.
Typically when you get explosive eruptions from basalt or basaltic andesite volcanoes, you need to get water involved.

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On a certain slab Of (we'll say) basalt In or near Moab ...... more
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