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In some cases, a barter arrangement can be created to swap professional services.
Thrifty parents are finding plenty of places to barter on the Web.
Sometimes we'd barter with the Yanomami to get some fish they had caught.
My father owned a tire business and when he had customers who couldn't pay him for the tires, he put a “barter” system in place.
Indeed, the chronic shortage of foreign exchange was exacerbated by the end of barter trade and subsidized weaponry.
Capitalism isn't the same as mercantilism–trading goods and services via barter or money.
Some deals were done by barter.
No financial terms were disclosed, but the deals appeared to depend on mutually beneficial ad barter and service swaps.
Before long he was taking orders for barter from fellow inmates.
Farmers have no market for their produce and must barter for goods in neighboring Serbia or other cities.
All trade is essentially a barter.
They managed their small occasional trades by barter.
He doesn't register as a bearer of potential information-barter, so the conversation goes nowhere.
When a currency becomes meaningless, business is done in barter.
His new venture involves setting up a barter system.
Locals who don't fish but want salmon make informal or barter arrangements with their fishing neighbors.
They never believed anyone had the implicit right to buy, sell, or barter them away.
Yet he knows they have money and jewelry, to barter for their lives.
Given the tumult of the past few years, the barter system is starting to look good.
Most economists have seen money simply as a means of payment, an improvement on barter.
The propensity to barter and exchange is an innate human characteristic.
It is so remote that the people still live on a barter economy.
Some barter networks are intended for consumers and exchanges are free.
Business-to-business barter clearinghouses usually charge an annual fee plus a percentage on each transaction.

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