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He tells the bartender the cheese is no good, he can't smell a thing.
Now imagine a bartender robot that could waggle its eyebrows sympathetically as you pour out the story of your messy divorce.
Helpers began showing up: a college student and a cop, a bartender and a computer executive.
Working as a bartender, she had refused to serve an obnoxious reveller at the end of the evening.
They worked punishing hours in humble jobs-he as a bartender, she as a cashier-to give their children a better life.
If he or she wants to share it with a busboy or bartender because they help out, so be it.
My gainful employment was as a bartender for several years.
If you really want to be a writer, get a job as a waitress or a bartender.
Before graduate school, he had worked for a number of years as a bartender.
As interest in mixology has surged, it has only become harder to distinguish oneself as a bartender.
So a guy walks into a bar, asks the bartender for a drink.
When a bartender incorporates a little flair in their daily routine, cool.
Three percent of my total sales goes to the bartender and the hosts.
Many doctors notice them only in the casual, utilitarian way that one might notice a waitress or a bartender.
He pointed to the phone book by the register, and after a minute the bartender had it open and held it out to the cowboy.
We learn how a bartender with no training becomes a successful mortgage broker overnight.
Sometimes too relaxed: a slouching, mumbling bartender undermines the ambience of his domain.
No waiter or bartender ever sets foot within the sacred precincts.
He appears to be a well-bred, well-educated bartender.
He went to a local bar, but he was so crazed that the bartender refused to serve him.
The bartender is jovial, but in that nervous way that bartenders can be when they feel they have no choice.
They left a saloon bartender dead and a police officer seriously injured.
He then moved on to contemporary films, usually cast as a bartender.

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