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Barring some kind of sea change in global language learning, the answer will almost always be no.
Our future with power generation will be challenging and barring miraculous breakthroughs will utilize more nuclear.
Scientists warn that many shark populations could be dangerously depleted within a decade, barring bold action.
Unfortunately, barring systemic reform, the future holds only more of the same.
Barring tragedies, children in these years inhabit a sheltered, more benign world-and fortunate parents enjoy visiting rights.
The court sent the case back to the district court to write an injunction barring enforcement of the law.
Announce what it will always be, barring illness or emergency, and stick to that.
Restrictions barring them from sending temporary workers into jobs that last more than a year will also be lifted.
Barring catastrophes-natural or manmade-the third millennium will be the real age of space.
Barring something unforeseen, you are apt to live in one of these two places.
Officials say that the rehabilitation will take three years, barring more floods.
Barring that, people in industry face the same type of pyramid.
Barring a vast drop in the oil price, which would threaten the patronage system, he will almost certainly win.
Barring some bizarre catastrophe, that large portion of the world will continue to boom.
Don't expect much from new grad students either, barring some general revolt in society.
But barring some medical catastrophe, we'll be all right.
Global markets enjoy potential barring any unexpected events.
Barring the agent herself, there was not a native-born individual in the court.
Barring that, any information from people that know others working there would be helpful.
But at certain levels of performance, barring some sort of extraordinary explanation, they rule out certain possibilities.
Above all, keep in mind that barring some insider knowledge, you cannot know what is going on at that school.
Barring counterdemonstration, if it isn't wet it cannot support life.
It's always better to make judgments barring ones feelings.
Every one of your cells came from a single predecessor so, barring a few copying errors, you carry the same genes everywhere.
Barring real pushback, that statement is going to make any parent more hesitant.
Barring something along those lines there will be no focus.
But barring any further court actions or divine judgment, the lower court's map will stand.
If the claimant accepts the offer of amends, it's the end of the case-barring damages.
Of course, nothing is tackier than dealing with it by barring somebody.
Bills barring federal contractors from electioneering also seem likely.
Barring some catastrophic change in energy prices or world conditions, the globalized production system will continue to develop.
Barring filth and contagion, cleaning the room is a drag.
There is none but a strict and faithful dealing at home, and a severe barring out of all duplicity or illusion there.
But barring this, sepsis should be treated quickly and accurately.
Barring such developments, though, the bad news is already priced into the market.
So we're sitting at a historically low occupancy and rental rates, but barring a double dip, there's only one way to go.
Barring a major downturn, more help is not on the way this year.
Barring a presidential primary election, this is simply not true.
Immature birds and females have dark barring or flecking.

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