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The boundary of the sphere, the wall of fire, is not an actual physical barrier.
Remedial math has become an insurmountable barrier for many students, ending their aspirations for higher education.
Regulations covering the financial services industry are designed to act as a barrier to rogues and villains.
The soy sauce here appears to be poured directly on the skin, and the skin should be acting as a barrier.
There's an education barrier too, to how these decisions are made.
After all, it is a barrier between house and street.
Micro wires represent a means of erecting an impenetrable barrier to deny access to an area or building.
But in developing countries, the logistics of immunizing millions of children pre-sent a significant barrier.
Substances that cannot cross this barrier are unlikely to make effective treatments for a brain disease.
Barrier methods prevent pests from getting to plants.
Stem cells injected past this barrier can migrate to regions where they are needed and develop into new brain cells.
There is only what seems to me a rather low protective barrier given the precipitous drop into the deep valleys below.
Another benefit of blue food dye is it crosses the blood-brain barrier.
The birds were sat, one at a time, on a perch on one side of a room divided by a barrier.
As a result the skin may become a less effective barrier.
The film he created was not only edible and transparent, but it was also a barrier to moisture and a better barrier to oxygen.
Contestants tended to eye the barrier respectfully: the punishment for false starts was a thrashing from official whip bearers.
When switched on, the parallax barrier controls the direction at which the light leaves the display and the way it hits your eyes.
Magnetic tunnel junctions have two ferromagnetic layers separated by a thin insulating barrier.
Fine bank cover or low traffic barrier add to my plant list.
No one knows what happens when a car pierces the barrier.
So the dissolved pollutants remain trapped on the warm side of the barrier.
We have always tried our best to line our wooden veggie bed walls with some sort of barrier in case of chemical leeching.
Logically, though, there is another answer to the question of how to jump the species barrier.
As explanation, it faces a high improbability barrier.
Reducing the cost barrier of that business model to zero changes things considerably.
But the biggest barrier to an effective financial market may be demography.
The surface oxidation forms a barrier that tends to protect the aluminium from rusting further.
Scientists and engineers involved have already pointed out that public perceptions are a potential barrier to progress.
Mobile readiness, however, is not the only barrier keeping mobile users from accessing the web.
Once that psychological barrier is gone then it will unleash the flood.
Explore neighborhoods, take a virtual dive to a barrier reef, and show your ecosystem savvy with a habitats quiz.
We learned that a solitary kidney transplant without a genetic barrier could function normally.
You've crossed the barrier between academia and application with those systems.
The evolution of rust to overcome this genetic barrier enabled the disease to spread.
It puts far less of a barrier between you and your subject than a full-sized camera.
But the new players also present a barrier that's tough for a true music lover to hurdle: storage space.
At the same time, though, she gives teachers an insight that can help break down a communication barrier.
The biggest barrier to apples-to-apples comparisons is the educational product itself: the degree.
First, a substantial technical barrier must be removed.
So there are some politics involved in this language barrier as well.
We simply wanted to lower the barrier of participation for everyone in the newsroom.
It would be a huge barrier for exchange programs if students were suddenly required pay the fees for the partner universities.
At night a vast yellow barrier descends on the crossing, trapping latecomers inside.
And it's my dad's loss for putting that barrier up in their relationship.
The federation recommends that universities avoid the suite entirely until all barrier issues are resolved.
It is not that difficult to communicate that there is a barrier between you and the students that the students dare not cross.
For the non-privileged, race is a barrier to be overcome.
Our unions are often the final barrier against unsafe roads and hospitals, ersatz education and filth in our food.
Ask your builder to include a radiant barrier in the attic.
The army which proudly threatened you finds no remaining barrier of defense against your courage.
Poetry was slower than the graphic arts to feel the oriental influence, because of the barrier of language.
No barrier built by human hands had power to stay it then.
Adenovirus remained infectious after crossing species barrier.
Those layers were not sufficient to provide a reliable barrier to contaminants moving upward, the report says.
The blood-brain barrier blocks many drugs on which doctors might otherwise rely.
Misinformation about the barrier's visibility dates back decades.
New species evolve when some geographic barrier-a mountain range, an ocean, a glacier-divides a population.
But wildlife experts became concerned about the barrier's impact on zebras.
The idea has little support, in part because of the tens of millions of dollars it would cost to erect the barrier.
The old barrier building-a kind of immigration and customs bureau-was now a museum.
Cost is not the primary barrier to their adoption because those innovations involve mostly a shift in focus.
After five hours with a mirror, the pigs were placed in a new test area that contained a food bowl hidden behind a barrier.
The gas also causes acid rain and wears away the ozone layer, a key barrier to the sun's rays.
Once the barrier of high cost is broken, missions will be more frequent and the pace of discovery will be faster.
The sheer magnitude, of course, is a steep barrier to hiring.
The two mutineer outposts share many island idiosyncrasies, including an impenetrable barrier around their private lives.
The weekend before last, this gargantuan video game of a movie crashed through the two-billion-dollar barrier, worldwide.
These pictures of knowns and unknowns remove a barrier, bringing the subject near to the viewer, sometimes uncomfortably so.
It lies in erecting a more effective barrier between the economy and politics, between capitalism and democracy.
There's a barrier between people riding the subway-eyes are averted, a wall is set up.
He also required the abolition of money, as a barrier to community.
Moreover, the protesters claim they tap a hidden groundswell of support, which sometimes breaks through the fear barrier.
But again, the barrier of implicit anti-intellectualism proved too opaque.
One of biology's great mysteries is the blood-brain barrier, which lines blood vessels in the brain.
In this test, a beam of light is projected through two parallel slits cut in an opaque barrier and then onto a white screen.
In such a case, it can't slow down to cross the speed-of-light barrier from above.
In the experiment, the outer barrier was the walls of the container.
The cost of equipment can be a barrier to entering science.
With a blood test the barrier to entry is reduced considerably.
However, the supercurrent may tunnel through the barrier, depending on the quantum phase of the superconductors.
Because the barrier to entry is so low, anyone would be able to order a bag of chemicals and make their own solar panel.
The only barrier today to a useful humanoid robot is money.
The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin, which provides a sort of barrier against the environment.
Science used to think you couldn't break the sound barrier either.
We find that in general, angular momentum creates a centrifugal barrier, causing bouncing cosmologies.
In order to cross the one-mile-deep barrier, the industry will need to extend existing technologies.
They improve barrier properties, permit reduced component weight.
The polymer's two-nanometer-long bristles attract water molecules, which create a barrier against pore-clogging oils and proteins.
In this type of cathode, electrons are emitted after they tunnel through a potential barrier.
The mangrove forest provides a barrier, so that none of the polluted water from the fish farm returns to the ocean.
The other end of each molecule is now available for bonding, or for other uses including acting as a barrier.
Economics can advance, but thermodynamics remain a final barrier.
Patents and proprietary technology could be a barrier.
The barrier, which is mud in places and a tangle of razor wire in others, now extends along more than half the border.
The next barrier is two hours, and we'll eventually go below that.

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