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Locals guard a plastic barricade on the road, so construction workers cannot enter the site.
While pounding the rebels in the hillside with rockets, they brought in a bulldozer to clear the first barricade.
In a subsequent and dazzling transition, the towers tilt to form an enormous barricade.
If it happens, there will be more countries on both sides of the barricade.
He had an unobstructed view from behind a police barricade.
But another part of my brain wants to barricade myself in the bathroom all over again.
Nieves darted up to the police barricade behind which the off-duty officers were standing.
Kim said, and then he shoved her backward over a barricade.
It's a daunting concrete barricade, three stories high, thorned with razor wire.
People barricade themselves inside fortresses of knowledge.
Some have threatened to barricade themselves in the hotels.
Yet these terms have increasingly become a barricade of abstraction that separates us from economic reality.
If she grows tired during an event, she will lounge languidly against a nearby barricade, chin in hand.
Perhaps there is no sound of breathing on any other world, no matter how many stars stretch out to the barricade of existence.
The exhaustion woven throughout is palpable, frustrating barricade after barricade obstructing communication.
He dropped down behind it on hands and knees and reached for the overturned chairs to use as a barricade.
As you drive through the gate, pick up a ticket from the machine so the barricade lifts.
Swimming is best at its northern end, where the water is shallow and protected by a rocky barricade.
The lowered gate becomes a barricade between you and the cargo space.
Straining at the barricade, protesters peered in at them as if they were offensive objects in a museum.
Railroad crossing barricade test project video transcript.
Fully extend outriggers and barricade accessible areas inside the crane's swing radius.
Where the alternate path of travel is adjacent to potentially hazardous conditions, the path must be protected with a barricade.
Never rest the barrel on a barricade, but you can rest the fore end on the barricade.

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