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In mountainous areas avalanches and mud slides leave barren paths that soon support extensive stands.
There is no denying that the employment landscape looks bleak and barren.
Touched by sunlight, barren winter treetops glow in Minnesota.
He lived in a barren one-bedroom apartment and owned almost nothing.
The final stop was on a barren plateau, high above the river valley, .
The barren landscape is as visible today as it was more than 100 years ago.
For six months the men lived on the barren island, blasting and chipping away at the hard coral.
The two-story, white-brick traditional home looks appealing, even if miscast among barren cornfields and farms.
Barbers sat in their barren shops, waiting for customers.
The lawn is brown and barren in spots, and the grand banquet hall is a bit shabby and dusty.
To admirers, the American car is the ultimate expression of freedom, a terrestrial comet skimming across a barren highway.
The terrain is barren and brown, austere to the point of hostility.
The pic shows that the boulevard around the corner is a pretty barren wasteland, tree-wise.
Despite their vulgar display, their beckoning rainbow of color, they are barren.
It should be made clear, however, that such positions are intellectually barren.
And in any case, stellar wobbles give no clue as to whether a planet is barren and rocky or bursting with alien beasties.
Locked all day in barren rooms, they would scuffle over crumbs of bread on the floor.
Some cliffs were nearly barren while others were covered in a colorful array of sponges and corals.
The tomb site is nearly barren, but the podium that bore the royal sarcophagus hints at magnificence.
The polIce departments are almost barren of the higher type of detective.
He takes her in and fixes her some tea and looks around the barren area.
It would have looked barren if the leaves on the trees hadn't all turned yellow, making for a golden urban fall.
In short, the more barren, the better-no community equals no community opposition.
The country surrounding the city is far from empty and barren.
The bike lanes in our cities are looking a little less barren these days.
Those that flew north couldn't find food in barren winter landscapes, and perished.
Starved of data by narrow conduits, the online environment is barren.
Their rewards are the barren freedom that follows disaster and the eerie peace left in the wake of the peaceful atom.
In local vernacular, it's known as the barren ground grizzly, and it's a different order of bear altogether.
Without trees to fill these roles, many former forest lands can quickly become barren deserts.
The brown, barren area at the foot of this inland hill marks where the tsunami slammed into it.
We are standing, in a barren landscape, a wasteland.
Moms outrank barren females in these snub-nosed societies, and males with multiple mates gain high status.
Some were evacuated on barges, a few in helicopters, to a barren but dry refugee camp in the desert.
Barren granite and scruffy tundra fan out in every direction.
There is also evidence that the first primitive plants began to appear on the previously barren land.
Fisheries now appear poised to rebound instead of suffering the barren years or decades some feared.
The small galaxy is a patchwork of dense star-forming regions and barren areas that can stretch thousands of light-years across.
The geology-barren countryside, rugged cliffs, stark mountains that rise from the sea-is best seen on foot.
What remains unknown is whether life can survive over time in narrow ecological niches on largely barren worlds.
They chew until whole areas of marshland are barren.
Now where they came in the south, the land was barren, and food and water were not plentiful.
Now its hauntingly barren landscape is a bargain holiday destination.
All on unpaved, unimproved, barren wilderness areas with hostile tribes.
The hills and high lands were still quite barren and lifeless.
Life is a narrow vale between the cold and barren peaks of two eternities.
If the victory is a barren one, the blame is his own.
One dark night, when all was shut up, there came a tap at the door of a lone inn in the middle of a barren moor.
Recklessly starving the world's fourth-largest lake to irrigate crops turned rich waters into a barren wasteland.
Impromptu picking camps spring up and disband in a matter of weeks, leaving garbage pits and barren land in their wake.
Yet, that emptiness is not thought to be inert nor barren.
The creek had become barren of fish, crabs and sea weed.
Much of the time he lived alone in a cramped, barren cage.
Farmers could easily grow algae on barren land and use them to fertilise and water fertile parts of their property.
Boiling hot acid rain pours down on the barren land for millions of years, slowly forming bubbling oceans and seas.
To get there from the center of town, you have to take a half-hour ride through a baking, barren expanse of desert.
It is a barren desert country with relatively few inhabitants.
It has few natural resources: little coal or iron and a territory largely composed of barren mountains.
Maybe the intention was to have his character reflect the barren wasteland that surrounds him.
For countless millennia many of them were dry, barren, hostile.
The roadside is barren of trees and unpeopled, and brown rubbly mountains stretch into the distance.
In the barren wastelands of free-fire zones crops are being planted and children go to school.
But the conditions aren't nearly as barren as these experts suggest, and the potential upside is enormous.
The world would be a barren place without these ubiquitous plants at the bottom of the food chain.
In that case the whole atmosphere might have frozen and snowed out on the dark side, leaving the planet airless and barren.
But it is precisely this barren nature that has provided the impetus to evolve such amazing behaviour.
Down on the forest floor, the lilies were scrawny and barren, but this one had grown to full size and flower.
It resembles a barren desert without a shred of life.
They were herded into a barren, unfurnished room with a single grilled window.
The water becomes as barren as the surface of the moon.
And their troubles unfold mostly out of sight, in barren apartments, soulless shelters or overflowing trailers.
Both are clean, barren and have plenty of hills for.

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