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They had set up rain barrels, a bat house, and landscaping to prevent runoff.
It recovered six barrels of crude oil and left the water clean enough to return to the ocean.
In cups of rocks it slops: flop, slop, slap: bounded in barrels.
It helps to make choices about when to smile and keep quiet and when to let people have it with both barrels of the shotgun.
There are other antiques with barrels as big as stove-pipes, things you carry on a cart or stand on a tripod.
The tallow was then used to waterproof boats or wine barrels.
In a split second, my husband let loose both barrels, out of the window to the ground below.
If you don't have a swimming pool, you could install a cistern or rain barrels.
Half-barrels work well too, as long as they have enough drainage holes.
Much of it flowed off the office roof into rain barrels.
Placed underground or above ground, cisterns generally hold much larger amounts of water than rain barrels.
Learn more about its estimated one billion barrels of oil, and what it means for the industry.
As the machine-gun barrels were chair legs and the handlebars were crutches, the effect was more theatrical than threatening.
It takes a keen eye and a steady hand to bag this prize, but those in pursuit won't be sighting with the barrels of their guns.
She also found out where they had placed torpedoes, or barrels filled with gunpowder, in the water.
The soaring prices of bushels and barrels are not unconnected.
The barrels are then coated in resin and cured in an oven the size of a small hangar.
Potatoes keep best in a cool dry cellar, in barrels or piled in a bin.
These barrels proved a blessing to hundreds of poor but deserving students.
Handling barrels of liquid concrete and casting in place would be much easier than moving giant blocks of stone.
Right alongside the trucks, green chiles are roasted in perforated barrels and then packaged for sale in plastic baggies.
He also used oak barrels to ferment and age his wines.
He collected five hundred and fifty dollars and bought two barrels of leeches, but they all died.
The river has little ripply waves, maybe from a speedboat out beyond the white barrels.
The government's latest estimate of the size of the spill is thirty-five to sixty thousand barrels per day.
The pipe is made of used tank-gun barrels joined end to end.
Shale oil production is a water-intensive process: up to five barrels of water are consumed for every barrel of oil produced.
The shark is speared with a roped harpoon and drags first one, then two, and finally three barrels as the humans try to shoot it.
Their maximum oil production of a few million barrels a day, would be increasingly consumed by their own industries.
Proven petroleum reserves are good for another one trillion barrels or so.
Nobody sat upon a barrel, as is the custom of the idle in other lands, yet all the isolated barrels were humanly occupied.
But those giant presses and barrels of ink and fleets of delivery trucks were never what made newspapers invaluable.
They age them for years in barrels to achieve rich caramel color and complex flavors.
Barrels of ink recounted all of the carrot and none of the stick.
They should not be used as pork barrels for the creative-writing trade.
Here and there are distinctive touches, such as door handles crafted from imitation gun barrels.
And it did that while staring right down the barrels of the holiday retail season.
Snow piles up as winter storm barrels through region.

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