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Chinese city freezes plans for chemical plant after barrage of complaints.
Students often struggle to get reliable information amid a barrage of in-your-face marketing.
Milburn noted that it is important not to barrage consumers.
I'll certainly be prepared next year for the barrage of Santa questions.
It was the nation's deadliest barrage of twisters in almost 23 years.
The game the previous night began in a barrage of noise.
First, she faced a barrage of questions on her financial affairs, if something very disorganised can be called a barrage.
The barrage continued through the next day.
Some activists want to pull back, viewing the situation as a dangerously unarticulated barrage of anger.
Values have become liquidated because insensitivity has been created with the constant barrage of violence within our society.
Having a barrage of emails follow me everywhere isn't always fun, but it is convenient.
Some designs use a barrage or dam to trap water at high tide.
It is past time to stop the constant barrage of disinformation about the seafood.
There comes a time when the barrage of experiences saturates the brain's ability to create new synapses.
The barrage of these ice bullets comes in horizontal, so fierce it's impossible to keep my eyes open for more than a moment.
Then they tested the design with a barrage of imaginary disasters.
Rocks and bottles were thrown at the police, and the police loosed a tear gas barrage, scattering the crowd.
She was much stronger than her opponent and proceeded to take her apart in a nonstop barrage of punch combinations.
Any good to come of remaining in office would be severely offset by the continued barrage against my party.
Even if you're not the one playing, the constant barrage of oddball antics are instantly inviting and attention grabbing.
One common method is barrage jamming, which knocks out a broad range of radio signals.
Instead, it forced them out with a barrage of tear gas and a siege.
For more than a decade he has subjected the simplifiers and exaggerators to a barrage of statistics.
Worse, it faces a barrage of loan-repurchase lawsuits from bond insurers and private mortgage investors.
The only losers are the viewers, who must put up with the barrage.
They're exposed to a constant and insidious barrage of advertising where they live, where they learn, and where they play.
But recently companies began unleashing a barrage of unfamiliar products packed with extreme amounts of caffeine.

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