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In markets and shops, the goods have price tags, or you can bargain.
Don't forget to bargain and don't be afraid to walk away if you think the price is too high.
The craving for cheap wines may be surging, but merely cheap is no bargain.
You've already heard about my cheap, bargain-bin finds.
Often these are works acquired at auction for a bargain price, owing to an original misidentification.
Cooper rejected a plea bargain that called for a sentence of four to seven years.
In any country powerful lobbies bargain and wrangle.
Really, that's a bargain compared with some space missions.
Drugmakers and retail chains offer meds at bargain prices.
But the country turned into a bargain destination for people with foreign currencies.
She paired the bargain finds with high-end partners, such as standard tiles with expensive faucets, to get the look she wanted.
He would not say whether a plea bargain was being negotiated, or discuss what strategy the defense would use.
Adjuncts, it is said, will begin to have control over their situations only when they collectively bargain and unionize.
Participants monitor the site, hoping to secure a great bargain.
Buses are a bargain but you're better off renting a car.
But for a one-minute mental vacation to a favorite memory, it was a bargain.
Jim came across a fish market with bargain fresh catches.
However, new figures out this week suggest that the bargain isn't working.
Language skills will also boost your confidence to bargain at a market stall or order at a neighborhood restaurant.
His plea bargain stipulates that any state sentence will not exceed and will run concurrently with his federal sentence.
Lidar monitoring may provide a way of making sure it is delivering on its side of the bargain.
Dries quickly, fits into cargo pocket well and an overall bargain for a rough and ready everyday use.
Don't be fooled by an off-brand ink that appears to be a bargain.
In its brick and pine interior, browse through hundreds of tomes-don't miss the bargain used-books room.
For that reason, savvy consumers look to last year's gear for a bargain.
As the credit crunch drags on, markets are driving a harder bargain with even sovereign borrowers in rich countries.
Both tried to bargain with me, which pretty much decided things, since there was no room to bargain.
People who tested positive would consider insurance a bargain at current rates.
He'd spent weeks scouring bargain counters at fabric stores, and eying sheets and table cloths.
And yet, people still want to bargain you down even from there.
The recession has swept away the third part of the grand bargain.
After you've been tracking ticket prices long enough, you'll develop your own sense of what's a bargain.
It seems extraordinary that so many treasurers were prepared to accept such a one-sided bargain.
Well a lot of people can keep their mouths shut till they get caught and plea bargain.
Hundreds of stalls sell everything from arts and crafts to bargain clothes, watches, and electrical goods.
If you decide to buy something at either market, be prepared to bargain.
Clean energy with nuclear disarmament in the bargain.
Formalities are a boon to the market side of the copyright bargain, then, but they benefit the commons side as well.
One well for millions of gallons of fuel is a bargain.
But he must always bargain with them and grant them certain concessions if they oppose him or if he needs their public support.
Add up all the benefits that dogs provide us and compare that sum with the costs, and it is not a rational bargain on our part.
Charged with slashing the deficit by trillions, the new bipartisan commission could deadlock or reach a grand bargain.
The ultimate result could be lower crime rates, at a reduced cost, and with considerably less inhumanity in the bargain.
What a devil's bargain had bound the two of us all these years.
That, in case you were wondering, is quite the bargain.
Most of us have accepted this bargain, but it turns out that taste profiling is only the beginning.
And if the twig came from an aromatic tree or shrub, all the better, because you got some breath freshener in the bargain.
That's the bargain being struck by everyone involved, from silicon partners to end users.
But last week they were released in a sudden, stunning plea-bargain.
If the executives think the shares are a bargain, everyone else should.
In turn, that explains the absence of bargain hunters, particularly in the debt markets.
Basic farm research helps the whole world-and is a bargain.
On the other hand, such cross-border bargain-hunting gives developing countries a bigger direct stake in capitalism's future.
If you hold up your end of the bargain, others will do likewise.
Abundant supplies of crude oil worldwide are no bargain either.
Buying at bargain prices is a worthy thing, but once you start shopping it can be tough to stop.
They see the fortunes the elites have made by buying land at bargain prices and developing it.
It's possible to have bargain bonanzas without casualties.
Bargain hunters are also successfully negotiating discounts at big-name chains.

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