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Example sentences for barely

Jacobs barely makes contact with another player during the sequence.
When the going gets tough, some people barely notice.
Often barely three feet wide and half that deep, the lowly acequia is a hand-dug, lovingly maintained ditch.
Mega-large, barely portable computers continue to trickle onto the market.
Barely one in six ninth-graders make it to an undergraduate degree.
Tales of unsuspecting travelers who barely made it home.
She stood barely more than a meter tall and had a brain the size of a chimpanzee's.
It's barely sunrise, but the alleys are already in chaos.
Imagine a stylus barely longer than the first knuckle of your thumb.
Children, barely at the stage of walking, were not spared forced labor or punishment.
Consumers are also perking up, though compared with firms they had barely cut back.
Solar cells made from cheap, plastic polymer barely capture the energy in sunlight.
To say that the doctor's collection claimed every inch of the apartment is an exaggeration-but barely.
But those measures seem to have barely moved the needle.
Most of the dead were in the delta, where farm families sleeping in shacks barely above sea level were swept to their deaths.
His fear caused his academic performance to be barely average.
There are a lot of people that are part of the same ethnic group that barely respond to this division.
Pale lilac to white flowers appear in spikelike clusters barely taller than the leaves.
On his first day he had six interviews and barely had time to get lunch.
Years of barely rising incomes and huge tax burdens have made them an unhappy lot.
Others barely have rooms for themselves and their children.
In the open sea, they are an almost undetectable swell, often barely inches high.
Yet modern readers barely have time to read their e-mail, let alone tackle a million word masterpiece.
Now, with the election barely four months away, the water is growing choppier.
As soon as the ulcer forms, you can barely move that part of the body.
There was barely room for two stools at the counter end.
As you near your destination, the sun hangs beneath the span of the bridge, barely above the sea's surface.
Tangled, ghostly limbs barely tickle the water's surface from below.
If the wallpaper comes off easily, you'll barely break a sweat.
Barely an hour later, her wall and message box were crammed with comments, suggestions-and the name of the hotel.
Scientific consensus is barely useful in too many cases.
In the first, which lasted barely a year, sacred practices and ritual objects were often depicted in a representational style.
One great way is to make this barely warm tomato and white-bean stew a quick staple for back-to-school evenings.
The robot was built for three levels of crouching, from barely crouching to a deep-seated squat.
Barely a decade ago scientists who study how planets form had to base their theory on a single example-our solar system.
We're the last ones on the road and we've barely seen anyone all day.
Teachers have gone on strike on five days of a school year that has barely begun.
Barely a month goes by without some newly uncovered fraudulent image making it into the news.
Investors were so anxious for yield that they barely distinguished between good and bad credits.
They'd barely gotten home before a second team went deeper.
By the end of high school she was barely making it through.
Barely a week goes by without some form of industrial action.
The flowers last forever, too, and barely fade even when they're beginning to form seeds.
Seeds that will barely dent when bitten are sufficiently dry.
Futures and options markets for equities either do not exist locally or barely trade.
Life is possible without music and light, but only barely.
We barely have the money to do the things that are necessary.
What he or she may not know is that at those barely subfreezing temperatures, the crystals take the shape of small plates.
All that nutrition and energy vanishes with barely a trace.
National politicians and their proxies have barely tried to explain the question on the ballot to voters.
We have barely even begun to see how well many of these technologies can perform.
If you consider gadgets' impact on humanity, wireless devices barely scratch the surface.
The selection in many vending machines has barely changed, if it has changed at all, in a generation.
It's sad to see everything changed, you can barely recognize some of the streets, but the memories will last a lifetime.
Two weeks ago he would barely acknowledge me, now he wants to go with me everywhere.
My seat was barely visible across the cabin, against a window in the next to last row.
The one at the top is huge, the other two have barely grown from their original size.
Barely a word about it has appeared in the national press.
Soldiers were packed in so tightly they could find no place to sleep and could barely stand.
Add mixture to broth and rice mixture, and barely stir into soup.
Even this far from shore the water is barely five feet deep.
Instead of using a cooked tomato sauce base, you barely heat diced fresh tomatoes with the seasonings.
Other points have had to be barely hinted at in a sentence or flying phrase.
Subsequently the hemoglobin is dissolved out, and the envelope can barely be distinguished as a faint circular outline.
She barely looked the idea in the face, and hastened to bar it in its dungeon.
She could barely keep the two children decently clad, and she could not give them the food growing children need.
Compared with its geologic history, the diamond's history as an object of human desire has lasted barely an instant.
In fact, for years the sport barely registered outside of college alumni fans.
Unfortunately the works published barely scratch the surface.
His tunes may be simple and his upbeat lyrics barely a step above greeting card homilies.
The ailing economy, barely growing at the same pace as the population, has swept all other political issues to the sidelines.
Of those who do get in, barely half end up with a degree.
There has been barely any reciprocal pressure on for-profit firms to learn from the non-profits.
Barely a month has gone by over the past year without the firm announcing some new initiative or other.
In any case, growing anxiety about a double-dip recession meant the half-decent growth figures were barely celebrated.
Employment has barely grown and unemployment is near its peak, but profits are on a tear.
People often see no value in something that is free, and that barely demands anything return.
For the past two years, it has allowed the currency to move barely a whisker from this rate.
The figure is likely to be grim, showing an economy that grew barely, if at all.
In all, hedge funds this year have barely broken even.
But if you actually look at the data, the government has barely begun its deficit-cutting work.
To start with, the line is flat because the colony is barely growing.
The music world has barely managed to process the revolution wrought when songs became files.
Certainly not harried interview-committee members, who barely remember who you are.
Most academic careers are built on books that barely survive the decade in which they were written.
Certainly not harried interview committee members who barely remember who you are.
The relationship between the former collaborators has deteriorated into barely veiled animosity.
He earned a bachelor's degree while working full time and living in a small, barely habitable house with three family members.
My salary in the first years after graduating was barely enough to make payments.
Students were graduating as paralegals who could barely complete an introductory college essay.
It will report whether the students in the course are barely prepared or well prepared for it.
They want to go straight to the talk shows, where they can offer their opinions on issues they barely know.
These animals have barely rebounded from the brush with extinction dealt by whaling.
Because there is little oxygen at this depth, the wreck had barely deteriorated.
They were forced to turn around and barely made it down alive.
Two patients in her study began the trial barely able to see hand movements.
For many other searches, the results are barely distinguishable.
Watt's first steam locomotive could barely keep up with horse drawn rail carriages.
Brainy but easily distracted, the author barely made it through high school and dropped out of college.
He dropped out of high school and barely made junior college.
Even if you can barely follow the language, it's exciting.
Even more are waiting to hear from hundreds of resumes sent into an economy that's barely producing jobs.
Most can barely feed and educate their poverty-stressed populations.
Many cities, despite their large populations, barely register.
We can barely even imagine the existence of a technology that could take us to another star, let alone do it.
Your eyes are barely open now, filled with tears from the smoke.
But this power source can be a bit fickle: today it might gust, while tomorrow could bring barely a breeze.
The condition is still good as new on the interior with barely any noticeable wear on the outside.
Physicists have barely even gotten over their amazement that the phenomenon even exists.
Until that happens, proactive or reactive plans barely can be discussed.
We've barely scratched the surface of being able to understand this ancient species.
The operatives had barely been on target for a minute, and the mission was already veering off course.
She was a waitress, and her paycheck and tips barely sustained us.
It was an automatic, and her feet barely reached the pedals.
She had become so small, at the end of her life, that she was barely taller than the artichoke plants.
Loons are ungainly, barely able to walk, achieving flight only after a long awkward struggle.
Though barely able to speak, he ordered them to bring five different options for the mask and he would pick a design he liked.
Beings that were barely human manufactured and bought and sold things, and cities covered the continents with luminous color.
According to the guidebooks, it should be a three-hour climb, but it'll take us barely two.
Crashing through a window, she barely escapes with her life.
It all takes place so fast that the viewer barely has time to prepare herself for what she is about to see.
Following the first grading period, the air was so thick with smoke you could barely find your way across campus.
Lu sized things up and gave in with barely a struggle.
They were tiny and weak, barely able to perform the work necessary for the little colony to survive.
For all the talk of poor children not working, it turned out that the super-senators and super-congressmen had barely even met.
State-of-the-art technology barely lets us escape the planet, never mind re-create another cosmos.
Icy water lapped against the planks as he leaned on a cane, barely able to stand.
All these factors affect the levels of the gases in the air at any moment, and many are barely understood.
She died barely five weeks later of sarcoidosis, an immune disorder caused by toxic exposure.
But those conscious creations are developed by professional linguists, and linguistics itself is barely a few centuries old.
Because neutrinos barely interact with ordinary matter, they can allow a direct look into the heart of a star.
Viruses had been discovered barely two decades earlier.
Humans barely evolve quickly enough to adjust to rapidly evolving infectious agents.
The lubricant mixes with neither water nor oils, and it barely evaporates.
The insects barely moved on their own, and they hardly budged in response to a terrifying puff of air.
We can barely make out the bat's wings as it takes its laps, a flicker of membranes.
With it, they barely showed any signs of illness and lost trivial amounts of weight.
He could barely even pretend to act as if he cared about the destruction of the great city and its infra dig inhabitants.
If you fail to see a distinction between a manager and an agent, that's because there barely is one.
There's barely a political operative in the state who didn't either work with him or go to school on his tactics.
All the other rooms in the house were barely adorned, and each provided insights.
He and his colleagues had barely begun to inspect the sealed trailer when they found themselves reeling from a nauseating stench.
And this barely scratches the surface of the unknowns.
Missiles of crumpled paper cups come sailing into the ring and barely miss the two fighters.
Then she'll turn her head around and barely look at you.
It's barely seven in the morning, and already there's a long line of people waiting to enter.
And now that greed was good, some felt the notion of service barely received lip service.
By the time he's done you can barely stand to walk on the thing.
Her prose style barely changed over the next forty years.
They are still alive, but they are barely holding on by their fingernails.
He left behind him reams of unpublished and barely decipherable manuscripts of his lecture courses, seminars, and conferences.
Amid this polarized debate, vaccines are barely mentioned.
He'll serve a langoustine flanked by barely cooked tiny yellow carrots and a minute fronded radish.
Haas barely ticked the ball, which dribbled a few feet.
And then reality set in with his rag-tag pitching staff barely major league caliber.
All three of the freshman's shots barely even moved the net.
My small children had trouble fitting in the barely-there third row.
Stir until the dry ingredients are barely moistened.
Trade sentiment was barely steady to weak for whole egg and whites with frozen yolk products about steady.

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