barefooted in a sentence

Example sentences for barefooted

Bleeding, barefooted, over the shards and thorns of existence.
Each participant should bring a sticky mat or towel to lie on and be aware that the postures are done barefooted.
Their hind footprints resemble tracks of a barefooted human being.
People caught hookworms going barefooted in barnyards and hog wallows.
The patient walking barefooted will often injure his feet and be unaware of the injury.
Part were barefooted, and as for hats, they were of every style and shape.
When he arrived, he found her crying, visibly injured and barefooted.
They took him barefooted outside to a hackberry tree in about fifteen feet of the door.
Besides, it was fun to run around barefooted in the summer.

Famous quotes containing the word barefooted

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