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The hubbub simply illustrates the sports community's denial about the barbaric nature of boxing.
Actions deemed odd, psychotic or even barbaric by one culture may be perfectly acceptable to another.
Click through the gallery for the first scenes from this barbaric event.
If you engage with barbarians on the other side then one inevitably becomes barbaric.
Against that, our legal system can be barbaric and draconian.
And even so, illegalizing speech is barbaric, even if it is barbaric speech.
Seeing a fellow trooper killed by a barbaric enemy can spark frustration, anger, and a desire for immediate revenge.
Terrorism only sets everyone back to more barbaric levels, and more secrecy and underhandedness.
But we're still hopeful for some good clean barbaric fun, with the lamentation and all that.
Simply having entered the plea does not mean any verdict that goes against you is barbaric.
It stretches its syllabic proportions over a loan and varied line of gayety from the barbaric roast ox to the orthodox pink tea.
The bank uses such clinical sounding phrases, for such a barbaric act.
It's actually a barbaric mob wreaking exquisitely planned havoc.
It is capricious, barbaric and discriminatory, and should be abolished.
In my private lower school they were not so barbaric.
The real homelessness is to call civilized that which is barbaric.
We should be getting rid of this barbaric custom, not promoting it.
Animal rights advocates, who consider the hunt barbaric, welcomed the vote.
And a significant majority of us find their views abhorrent and almost even barbaric.
To the north of both these great empires were barbaric wildernesses.
Time management, one of the many skills you can teach undergraduates, will serve you well in our barbaric times.
Though they are at time's violent, they are never barbaric.
It was unquestionably primitive and certainly barbaric.
Prisons were widely viewed as a barbaric and ineffective means of controlling deviant behavior.
Many readers will find my field experiment disgusting, weird, and perhaps barbaric.
But there is something especially barbaric about this photo.
Any arbitrary legal constriction of that relevance is irrational, cruel, and barbaric.
If that is not considered barbaric, the words civilized and barbarism have no meaning.
Indeed, the practice of drinking wine straight was regarded as barbaric.
But still it is bit barbaric compared to other superpowers changes in leaders.
The left tells us bad things went on there, but by that they usually mean civilization was brought to a barbaric world.
Even the barbaric plundering of continents may not be out of the question, if the current trend continues.
The mullahs must show that this barbaric behavior is not tolerated--or admit to being accomplices.
Please contact us immediately if you suspect such cruel, barbaric acts are occurring.
It is barbaric and beyond sense to treat them merely as property and allowing them to suffer so that a buck can be made off them.
While gangs preach family, some of the ways they initiate new members borders on barbaric.
However, this type of identification was seen as barbaric and inefficient.
Our inhumane treatment of livestock is becoming widespread and more and more barbaric.
Animal fighting is a barbaric practice that cannot be condoned by any civilized society.

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