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Modern science developed there, the rest of the world were barbarians by comparison.
In their case, they'd willingly invited barbarians inside their borders to help them fight off newer waves of hordes.
Nor, wild as were these painted barbarians, were they the wildest feature of the scene.
No sooner did this war break out against them, but the provinces became on every side a prey to barbarians.
The great deference paid to his instructions, even by barbarians, is not to be expressed.
Today the barbarians aren't confined to the bourses.
The people of course have suffered as resources were diverted to keep the barbarians at bay.
Slowly fear transitioned to fear of barbarians and fear of famine.
But between the different groups of barbarians there was a crucial difference.
There is always a tension between civilization and barbarism, and the barbarians are now here.
When it gets to a certain level the civilization falls apart and the barbarians come and burn everything down.
Think less about threats from unwelcome barbarians, and more about the powerful dynamics of a multi-ethnic society.
It's not what free people do at all: it's what barbarians do.
Generating a good vs evil narrative that creates a caricature of business barbarians at the gate motivates environmental donors.

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What are we waiting for, gathered in the market-place? The barbarians are to arrive today.... more
And now, what will become of us without the barbarians? Those people were a kind of solution.... more
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