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File for bankruptcy while still using your existing name so that all your debts will be forgiven before the name change.
Countries, unlike companies, cannot seek the protection of a bankruptcy court.
Long before the towers came tumbling down, the airline industry was on a power dive into bankruptcy.
Capitalism is faced with the bankruptcy of its contradictions.
He blamed the company's bankruptcy on a combination of old-school record industry ways and new-school misplaced optimism.
Something needs to be done about the bankruptcy laws and student loans.
Bankruptcy being defined as default on its financial obligations.
One has already declared bankruptcy twice and the other had his hours cut and may be losing his house.
But the company's bankruptcy was seen as the end of the road for the robot.
There are nations near bankruptcy and nuclear weapons.
They drove a company to bankruptcy on junk science, only to admit a decade or so later that they were wrong.
The bubble will burst--but the students will end up paying because of no bankruptcy protection.
The company could file for bankruptcy by the end of the month.
GM brought itself to the brink of bankruptcy all by itself.
Borders filed for bankruptcy protection, as it struggles to pay big publishers.
Each state has different laws about whether and how municipalities may file for bankruptcy.
For that reason, the consequences of a national bankruptcy would be incalculable.
It turned out badly--including bankruptcy and worse things.
But his company filed for involuntary bankruptcy two weeks ago.
Financing is getting pricier and more elusive for companies that file for bankruptcy.
Your moral bankruptcy antedates your fraud perforce.
Far more personal information is available from data brokers, including aliases, bankruptcy records and tax liens.
The companies need retroactive immunity or they will face bankruptcy from the lawsuits, he added.
Bankruptcy has been a feature of previous buy-out binges.
The bankruptcy field has gotten so busy that outsiders want a piece of the action.
As a result of heavy spending from the trust funds, the government faces virtual bankruptcy.
The direct result of this system is an all-cotton scheme of agriculture and the continued bankruptcy of the tenant.
Some of the skeleton is still in the ground, and the parts that have been excavated are locked up in bankruptcy proceedings.
Some worry that graduates would rush to declare bankruptcy, handing losses to taxpayers.
Equity holders following a bankruptcy have to negotiate with unions, including the government.
Consult your pastor about the choice between sightlessness and personal bankruptcy.
One of the biggest differences now is that my self-esteem is way better than it was before going into bankruptcy.
Inevitably it brings ultimate destruction of bankruptcy.
There is no reason to exempt student loans from bankruptcy, especially when many people absolutely can't pay them back.
CC debt can be negotiated down in the face of bankruptcy.
Students might learn bankruptcy law, for instance, by representing a simulated client with a failing business.
His estate ended up in bankruptcy court, and his name was removed from the university's music school.
In fact, student loans are one of the only forms of consumer debt that can't be discharged in bankruptcy.
One way or another, these long and winding roads always seem to end up at the same place: bankruptcy.
His original investors go so deeply into debt trying to support his efforts that they have to declare bankruptcy.
But a lot of this stuff would clear out if educational debt was treated the same way as other debt when it comes to bankruptcy.
If you file bankruptcy to get a mortgage write-down, you're barred from filing again for years.
And a judge is going to make you pay it unless you declare bankruptcy.
Bankruptcy helps the undeserving-and that's the way it should be.
But if rents are raised too high, more tenants will leave and bankruptcy will only be accelerated.
Losing your home, declaring bankruptcy, or having your life savings stolen are awful.
It is also a declaration of intellectual bankruptcy.
During this period they filed twice for bankruptcy protection.
But three years later, the company was in bankruptcy.
To remain agnostic on the question of immortality is intellectual bankruptcy.
Bankruptcy filings are considered a last resort because of the serious damage they do to your credit history.
Now the case has bounced back to the bankruptcy court.
One doctor loses his license to practice for a year and then is forced into bankruptcy when a health insurance provider sues him.
It's as if someone on the verge of bankruptcy were suddenly to get a huge inheritance from a distant relative he didn't even know.
Bankruptcy can affect both individuals and companies.
Bankruptcy has long-term financial and legal consequences.
On the surface, the squabble over corporate bankruptcy seemed mundane.

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