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Everywhere good businesses are going bankrupt and jobs are being destroyed.
The choice boiled down to going bankrupt or putting the equipment to work.
When a player gets into debt and can't persuade anybody else to lend to him, he goes bankrupt.
The world financial community went bankrupt through bad policy.
The company went bankrupt and recently put the ship up for sale.
Greyhound may be a great name, but it went bankrupt once in the past decade and could have gone bankrupt twice.
But the fact is that the government cannot be repaid by a bankrupt firm.
Many utilities had to go bankrupt or go through painful reorganization.
Their holdings can go to zero, but they can't go bankrupt.
Oil is the enemy when they can as a war bankrupt us.
Farmers weren't getting a profitable return and got out of the market, switched crops or went bankrupt.
It is now bankrupt and its top executives are in jail.
Unless he is hoping to get subsidies from a bankrupt government staggering toward economic collapse.
They spark a huge amount of investment that can make things easier for the next generation, even as they bankrupt the current one.
Dire threats of bankrupt stores and topless consumers soon followed.
Nuclear will bankrupt industries with ever increasing pricing.
No, the morally bankrupt will be tempted no matter what their wealth.
It'd be morally bankrupt for us to rely on it as a solution.
Now plastic sheeting shrouds a bankrupt developer's half-built luxury flats.
It looks as though the only solution is to le them go bankrupt.
The time-value of nuclear energy is simply bankrupt from the start.
And if they do not, they go bankrupt without any loss to the state.
And despite your claims, scientists don't have a corner on the morally bankrupt market.
Sounds similar to logical positivism to me--a philosophically bankrupt perspective that died out decades ago.
The ambition of a volatile minority can only bankrupt the rest of us.
Some major nonfinancial companies will likely go bankrupt as well.
Marino fretted that his speakeasy would go bankrupt.
Moreover, the system is bound to bankrupt the tenant.
The pattern is a few years of middling profits, then one carrier goes bankrupt with huge losses.
If enough people find them abhorrent the company that makes them will go bankrupt.
Whether its a terminal illness or being bankrupt or global warming.
She didn't actually care all that much about the municipal-bond market, or how many cities were likely to go bankrupt.
Deprived of funds, he almost went bankrupt as a result of the case.
Losing this case would bankrupt them and destroy their reputations.
And you have to ask yourself, if you're going to take a six to one return and the company's going bankrupt.
Corporations would go bankrupt more easily and in general face higher transactions costs.
Holding a natural hedge but too little cash, it went bankrupt.
When the crash hits, they buy up bankrupt oil and gas companies.
In it you'll find that every state subsidized railroad went bankrupt and the totally privately finance railroad prospered.
Companies fear that, after they have invested billions in a plant, the political tide will turn once more and bankrupt them.
If people do not voluntarily buy their products, they go bankrupt.
Should a store go bankrupt, however, gift cards can still become worthless.
Accordingly, be sure to read a company's proposed plan of reorganization before purchasing stock in a bankrupt company.
The current system will bankrupt us, and bankrupt small businesses.
Not all of these investments were successful, and in some cases the target companies went bankrupt.
Flooding the market with free goods could bankrupt the people who already sell them.

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