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Artists used to need the labels to bankroll their recordings.
And the company is backing the product with a fat bankroll.
The feds are still going to bankroll conventional roads and highways and so forth.
It's easy to dismiss people who would bankroll these projects as profligate spend-alls.
Investors usually expect to bankroll several missions before getting a return on their investment.
All they see are the dollar signs on his bankroll, and the action he's willing to put down at the tables.
Migrants who fled oppressive governments, for example, can hardly be expected to bankroll the regimes that drove them away.
The regimes that bankroll sovereign-wealth funds are often authoritarian and sometimes downright dangerous.
Western governments which bankroll it do not seem unduly worried.
Individual donors are unlikely to bankroll despots for strategic reasons, as governments do.
Only an imperceptible portion of petrodollars bankroll terrorism, which is anyway quite cheap.
When he awakens, he discovers that he has lost both his job and his bankroll.
The new system relies on private money to bankroll athletes once taken care of by the state.
Nor would he have triumphed without getting the business oligarchs to bankroll his campaign.
Failure to maintain the minimum bankroll required by this section.
Those billions are typically used to bankroll private developers and low income housing projects.

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The Republicans hardly need a party and the cumbersome cadre of low-level officials that form one; they have a ban... more
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