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The dancing started again with the banging of drums as he was spun in a circle to the delight of the crowd.
Things were banging around in the boat, and a lot of people got seasick.
About midnight the fading sun is a red orb banging at the horizon.
Forget banging the top of your alarm clock to turn it off, shoot it with a video game light gun.
At the first sign of wolves they start screaming, shouting, and banging pots.
But many are banging a drum on one side or the other of the heated debate within the software industry.
He was uncouth and boorish, prone to banging the table with his revolver at junta meetings.
The farmers launched an unprecedented campaign of strikes, roadblocks and pot-banging protests in city centres.
More than a year after the event they are still banging on about it.
Of course it is no surprise that the coppers want it as it makes their job of banging people up easier.
It would know how to steer itself without banging into anyone.
Others appeared to be full of fury and anger and were, in some instances, banging their hands on the wall and screaming.
And here is this andiron banging out his weird tale of successful warning.
The main reason for playing an instrument, of course, will always be the sheer joy of blowing a horn or banging out chords.
And they keep banging that drum because it gets them airtime, whether they're right or not.
It's the head-banging, generation-defining stuff of history.
Not a bad idea when it comes to not banging your head yet able to easily close the hatch.
Boulders were banging against each other as the torrent pushed them downstream.
Foreman looked done for, banging his head on the canvas when he slammed down on his side as if dropped from a great height.
And then you'd sometimes see him banging his head on the mailbox.
He worked all day and far into the night sawing and sanding and banging pegs into to the shelves and counters.
By then, the water was getting cold and my siblings were banging on the door.
There were so many groupies on the street banging on the windows and trying to get in, it was actually scary.
She called the cow herder, who arrived banging the dinner pail.
His personality shines through while banging out key science that is going on in the world.
Cerebrospinal fluid is a clear, colorless liquid that buffers the brain and keeps it from banging against the inside of the skull.
So even in deep space, as long as your ear was on the object, you'd hear it if you were banging it with a hammer.
Or if they cut their suits when they are shuffling around and banging on rocks with field hammers.
He started banging his head a lot and became obsessed with spinning objects.
He needs someone to take all of that pressure off him, all that banging and whatnot.
Twenty thousand people came, screaming and banging pots, pans and drums in the damp autumn night.
There are many centuries still loose in the world today, banging against one another.
Avoid wounding trees by such things as banging with a lawn mower and cutting with a weed trimmer.
Determining the optimal degree of smoothing using the weighted head-banging algorithm on mapped mortality data.
One, it cushions the brain against injury by preventing it from banging into the inside of the skull.
Residents near the work area should expect loud banging noises and some vibration for those closer to the pile driving operation.
Scaring the flicker by shouting and banging pans outside a nearby window may provide temporary relief.
Frighten the bear by yelling, banging pans together or throwing rocks or sticks.
To scare the bear away, make loud noises by yelling, banging pots and pans or using an airhorn.
Avoid wounding trees by banging them with a lawn mower or cutting them with a weed trimmer.
After starting, if a banging or clattering is heard from underneath the vehicle, immediate track replacement should be sought.

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