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Blisters are the bane of house painters, both pros and amateurs.
Spam is the bane of computer users everywhere, accounting for more than 90% of e-mail.
Endless replays can be the bane of any telecast.
Traffic jams are the bane of any commuter.
Repetition is the bane of my existence.
Democratic reforms are the bane of dictators.
Little things that we loved to do together have now become a bane for him.
The bane of all science is coincidence.
The delay has proved both a bane and a blessing.
Incorrectly entered data are the bane of a bookseller's existence.
He is a bane to raccoons, hunting them fearlessly in the marshes and battling as readily in the water as on the bank.
She had kids and the overtime stoplight was the bane of her life.
The bane of this in-and-in breeding is felt in every large city.
The new tool will be a bane to teaching, some professors say-but others see a blessing.
Table sugar, that bane of nutritionists everywhere, may be on the verge of redeeming itself.
Real-world math problems: for many of us, they were the bane of our existence during high school.
The prospect is arguably rife with anthropomorphism, the supposed bane of all nonhuman animal consciousness studies.
Researchers say this longtime bane of offshore drilling is more cost-efficient than wind and solar.
Such optimism is the blessing and the bane of auroral observers.
Despite forebodings about its dependence on finance, the capital's post-industrial economy proved to be a boon rather than a bane.
These insects carry sleeping sickness, which is as much a bane of ungulates as it is of people.
Roadblocks and cordon-and-search operations, the bane of daily life, have been reduced.
Gerrymandering has been a bane on our political discourse for way too long.
Foreign investments are clearly a boon, not a bane to the national economy.
Suspicion is the companion of mean souls, and the bane of all good society.
After her burial he penetrates into the mysterious enchanted wood, the bane of the army of the crusaders.
She always spoke of herself as of the bane of her community, and the outcast and abomination of all creatures.
He was a professed enemy of idleness, which he knew to be the bane of all virtues.
Learning, the great accomplishment and improvement of the human mind, is often made its bane.
That's a lot of wires, and wires are of course the bane of the computing industry's existence.
Batteries are the bane of consumer electronics users.
With volatile flight prices the bane of any sane travelers' existence, clever web developers are.
Social networking about stocks can be boon, or bane.
It is the bane and the beauty of the blogging life: the need for fuel.
It's now clear that the bane of my next year will be questions about the future of the newspaper industry from journalists.
Platinum, one of the world's more expensive metals, has been the bane of fuel-cell makers.
The need for a partner has always been the bane of chess players.
Knockoffs are the bane of the fashion industry, and they're certainly not unknown in the reality television genre.
It is the bane of suburban life that dandelions are considered a problem.
Sales taxes have become the bane of businesses across the country.

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