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Example sentences for bandwagon

Not every bandwagon rolled after the turn of the year.
It did not take footwear producers long to jump on the bandwagon.
It is best to leave that bandwagon sooner rather then later.
Since then, dozens of news agencies have jumped on the bandwagon.
Many of the people who jumped on the bandwagon during the protest era were anything but sincere believers.
The rest he ascribes to hedge funds leaping on the bandwagon.
It's too bad that people are jumping on the bandwagon and saying that he was trying to overwork the dog.
It is time to get off the global warming bandwagon and become educated.
The media should be ashamed for jumping on this bandwagon.
He's even recently jumped on the bandwagon of encouraging lone-wolf attacks.
All that may explain why hardware-makers were among the first to jump on the cloud-computing bandwagon.
Let someone reproduce their results before you jump on the bandwagon.
Everyone seems to be hopping on the copyright bandwagon these days.
More and more firms are jumping on the wellness bandwagon.
Other discovery features hop on the social-network bandwagon.
Furthermore, distance learning doesn't necessarily mean hitching a ride with every new technological bandwagon.
So the scope of the eventual settlements will give some clue as to whether the legal bandwagon has slowed down.
The duds come later, when copycats jump on the bandwagon.
It's apparently jumping on the fashion tote-bag bandwagon.
Other large municipalities, of course, have jumped right on the garbage-grinding bandwagon.
Yahoo is joining the bandwagon of local daily deals.
Dozens of manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon.
When bio became big they jumped on that bandwagon too.
Almost all investment bankers jumped one after another on this propaganda bandwagon.
By jumping on the bandwagon to confirm with the fad without any clear thought only brings trouble.
Your arguments would be far more rigorous if you stayed off the trendy climate change bandwagon.
Hot money leaves the market and the bandwagon crowd follows suit.
People have jumped on the bandwagon of blaming financial markets.
Once again this is a total of two plants, which means that utilities are not exactly jumping on the bandwagon.
Fans of sustainability can be accused of jumping on the bandwagon.
But that's not gonna stop networks jumping on the bandwagon if they sense a hot trend.
Even bottom line managers are getting on the bandwagon.
If you see that there is a trend that something is happening you want to jump on the bandwagon and be part of it.
For now, getting them on the faux meat bandwagon is too big a leap.
Campus libraries jumped on the bandwidth bandwagon, too.
Nevertheless, a strong showing in several crucial primaries could create a bandwagon effect within the party leadership.
Other well-known developers are already jumping on the bandwagon.
To some, worries about nitrogen will doubtless seem to be no more than the latest environmental bandwagon.
Little wonder, then, that the queue of carriers hopping on the biofuel bandwagon is growing.
Everyone has jumped on the renewable-energy bandwagon.
Dozens of other companies have hopped on the bandwagon.
He thinks people are jumping on the amyloid bandwagon with insufficient evidence.
For years the skeptics have been dragged through the mud because they won't jump on the political global warming bandwagon.
If anything there is a lesson to be learned about the bandwagon fallacy in this case.
Get on the bandwagon, play politics, suck up to the influential few.
Because some have misused the term is no reason to jump on the misuse bandwagon with them.
The auto-buying public, naturally, is back aboard the fuel efficiency bandwagon.
In only a few months, thousands of electric and natural gas customers jumped on the energy efficiency bandwagon.
The rest of the world needs to get on the bandwagon for future improvements to occur globally.
In fact, mortgage lenders are jumping on the bandwagon.
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