banding in a sentence

Example sentences for banding

Crucial advice for future banding participants: before you grab the bird's body, be sure your partner has grabbed the head.
Browse information on ruby throat anatomy, banding programs, and birding expeditions.
Imagine the power of consumers banding with other consumers who share their philanthropic interests.
Big companies banding together to obtain handouts of taxpayer money.
The shale lacks any cross-banding or wave or current induced structure.
Hotels, once independent businesses, are increasingly banding together to ensure consistent standards anywhere in the world.
The banding on the planet can be spotted more easily in this image as well.
There are no freshman orientation weeks, no cohorts of newcomers banding together and covering their nervousness with bravado.
Anything is possible in the chairman's race, including supporters of other candidates banding together behind a consensus choice.
Banding wires together, enclosing wires in plastic tubes and other techniques help.
Their thick coats are generally colored a blackish brown with white banding and light brown accents.
Fed up with the fast track, people are banding together to find ways to slow things down.
Preventive treatment of varices with medications such as beta blockers or with endoscopic banding may help prevent bleeding.
Here are some sites that include information about bird banding.
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