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Some colleges have banded together in consortia to share the costs of marketing and recruiting.
Universities were originally groups of scholars that banded together around common intellectual interests.
And the banded choirs of music: all those that do and know.
The big coal operators had banded together, and positively refused to take any steps looking toward an accommodation.
The people buying the shoes banded together and so they shifted.
In an attempt to bring order to this chaos, food companies banded together to develop an industry-wide system.
But television firms soon banded together to develop alternatives to piracy.
When the nine-banded species of this mammal breeds it bears monozygotic quadruplets.
Unlike in previous efforts, these four have finally banded together to press their case.
The peasants banded together, burned the bulldozer, and blocked the road from the border.
Over the decade, banded birds were less successful in breeding.
Rather, females banded together to help fend off males bent on infanticide.
They speculated that, as the nebula accreted, different types of elements banded together separately.
They banded together to minimise or eliminate skeptical discussion.
Zone-tailed also shows banded tail and yellow cere and legs.
Banded mongooses are often found in areas with many termite mounds because they use the mounds as den sites.
The green-banded mariposa lily unfurls its lavender petals.
Some conservationists believe that banded birds have a disadvantage in the water, requiring longer, slower foraging trips.
Volunteers snared several more birds, banded their legs, photographed and released them.
They need fuel efficient vehicles, and some number of them banded together to lobby for higher heavy vehicle emission standards.
Foley banded the survivors together to cover their fallen comrades.
Elsewhere in the country, companies have banded together to share the costs of providing day-care services to employees.
They banded together to put a factory together to make the film again.
Banded collar shirts, alternative dressy fabrics and bright colors are appropriate if tastefully done.
The pricing will be based largely on a distance banded model for all reward sectors.
Most pelicans are banded before they fledge when they're easier to catch and band.
Banded geckos are known to mark out discrete locations some distance away from their daytime retreats for defecation.

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