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The long rows of silent people in chairs, watching with eyes that see not while the patient band tangles the air with music.
It seems that an ever increasing band of people lack the perspective to know where his or her suppositions have authority.
He joins a college rock band and offers inept fatherly advice to younger students.
But the industry can no longer rely on getting the price of an album as a reward for backing a band.
Town band, after town band enlisted with the local regiments.
For tender-stemmed blooms such as tulips and hyacinths, skip the rubber band and secure with floral tape only.
Community colleges are usually focused on a narrower band of questions, but not always.
After humanity is wiped out by a deadly airborne illness, a small band of survivors set about rebuilding civilization.
Back then, there was no one to witness either the misery or the bravery of this heroic band.
Roaring spectators and a band of drummers surround them.
He has brought a truckload of equipment to this site to band some of its few remaining burrowing owls.
Use a large needle to thread thin elastic through the mask, knotting elastic at each end to create a band.
Gather the paper around the balloon and secure it with a rubber band.
The climate change band wagon has curtailed real science.
With a hammer or stick, tap along the edge band to release air bubbles.
Imagine a band of ancestral hominids about to invent language.
Cool air fed by the jet stream, a strong band of wind in the atmosphere, provides even more energy.
It shows what's possible when you have a hospitable climate and a creative, dedicated band of home growers.
Stretch the rubber band over both the waxed paper and the plastic wrap.
The region's doughty band of genuinely independent newspapers, long critical of governments, have faced fewer dilemmas.
The middle segment is a narrow band across the centers of the articulations.
Occasionally the first tendon is connected to the second by a thin transverse band.
Cloud computing is also leading colleges to band together to offer services.
Hitchhiking was a common way for some friends to go home after band practice.
Someone had the idea of bringing in a zydeco band, townspeople showed up to dance and the breakfast took on a life of its own.
Bands incorporate various adopted instruments such as the ukulele-the backbone of the string band-guitar and banjo.
Dark morph: adult has an all-dark body with dark wing coverts and silvery flight feathers, the dark tail has a wide white band.
Links for the stainless steel band can be removed to adjust the fit as needed.
Inside, the air swirls with cigarette smoke and guitar chords being thumped out by a local band.
Cell phone radiation falls into the same band of nonionizing radio frequency as microwaves used to heat or cook food.
Then he used software to compile those microphotographs into a high-resolution color digital panoramic view of the yellow band.
Engineers studied the band's sophisticated sound system, radical at the time but widely emulated today.
But not every band can rely on concert revenue to replace the losses from weak album sales.
The recordings may have lost some of their earlier verve, but the band had only gained in cohesion and power.
There he and a dwindling band of followers lived a quasi-monastic life of prayer, fasting, and reflection.
Such trust was originally limited to the band or tribe, which is no longer the case today.
The effects of microwave are more a function of wavelength than spectral band.
Antennas that beam out energy in a narrower band can be more efficient.
Also, maybe a little more on the manufacturing of the reflectors that are band specific.
Yet the potential of limitless energy lured a band of would-be revolutionaries who kept on working the problem.
It turns out it was released the day after he was married, and that's what the hotel band played every night on his honeymoon.
Probably one would see the band of one's own galaxy, while the other one is medium bright diffusely glowing disk.
And he is doing so with meager funding and only a small band of supporters.
It can band into factions and wage war-complete with chemical weapons and suicide bombers-against its enemies.
His band has a rollicking, gospel-tinged momentum, and his raspy voice still goes right through you.
On the other stages, which are scattered around the seven-hundred-acre compound, you can see almost every kind of band.
And you can wear gold with a platinum wedding band and/or engagement ring.
The poor guy didn't even have the camaraderie of a backing band that night to ease the pain.
The band got big, and annoying, singing one kind of song.
He often said that his luckiest break was joining the band and his second luckiest was leaving it.
Now every aspiring musician has a backup band in their pocket.

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