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Whisk together the dry ingredients at home and then add the wet ingredients and sliced bananas at camp.
Others sound so bizarre they could make you go bananas.
People hustle to put each animal on a clean towel in a cardboard box that once held bananas.
The church or chapel formed one side of a quadrangle, in the middle of which a large clump of bananas were growing.
But that level had been crossed out and the alert upped to bananas.
Ethyl acetate is an ester that is found naturally in fruits and vegetables such as bananas, apples and coffee.
They're also found in carrots, daffodils, bananas and other plants that have these vibrant colors.
It's generally tough to develop a seedless fruit-bananas and oranges are rare successes.
Comparing pop and chips to bananas, milk and chicken is not necessarily relevant either.
Apes can climb trees, eat bananas, and fling dung at one another.
Ya in the same way that bananas and shoe racks are scary.
Perhaps growing all food locally and doing without pineapples and bananas altogether is the way to go.
She's bananas-good, easily the best singer of the night.
Believing that food slowed up the creative process, the producer limited their lunches to a snack of bananas and salted peanuts.
Glazed pecans add some crunch to the layers of silky pudding, ripe bananas, and tender cake.
And it's shot through with the pleasant flavor of overripe bananas.
Take a sip of the dry concoction, and semi-tart apples segue into bananas.
If the amount tendered is too large, bananas are added.
In a bowl, mash bananas with a fork and add lemon juice.
They drive donkey carts that carry everything from people to bananas.
He set out a cane patch, horse bananas, and the usual vegetables.
They drop the bananas in one plastic bag as they reach for another to hold the six-pack of soda.
The bananas that would have normally been consumed by humans, they had been fed to pigs.
He was running short of food, with not even enough pocket money to buy local bananas.
They will grow rice, bananas, and the spiny red fruit called rambutan.
Many of these dots in the ocean have sopped up thousands of workers in growing bananas and sugar.
Bananas can only be conserved as cuttings, and these must be cut back and replanted every few months.
He liked soft foods, such as ripe bananas, or cold boiled potatoes with butter.
Risks, though, are not as easy to trade as bananas or cars.
People still think of their wages in terms of dollars rather than in terms of bananas or gallons of gasoline.
Though many people confuse plantains with bananas, plantains are larger, have a thicker peel and are much less sweet than bananas.
Banana fritters are a simple and common snack made by coating sliced bananas in flour and frying them in coconut oil.
It is decorated with whipped cream and fresh sliced fruit such as strawberries, kiwi fruit and bananas.
Filling your carry-on on luggage with cookies or bananas is legally, if not quite nutritionally, okay.
Families placate the spirits daily with tasty offerings such as a bunch of bananas or a toothsome chunk of pork crackling.
Red bananas are one of varieties commonly used for store bought dried bananas.
Fortunately, fruit flies have an excellent sense of smell and are strongly attracted by bananas.
The value of world trade in bananas is higher than all other tropical fruit combined.
The milk, strawberries and bananas get all mixed together.

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