bamboozled in a sentence

Example sentences for bamboozled

The historically minded journalist is less likely to get bamboozled.
Informed users will take charge, while ignorant ones will be bamboozled.
The point of the hoax was to show that people can be bamboozled, and the answer is yes they can.
Speaking as a bamboozled spectator on the other side of the world.
Don't let us be bamboozled,we'll continue to fight without ever emerging victorious to win our right to privacy.
We need people to be bamboozled by the flickering light of status and to spend all their money to the last penny.
Finally, after weeks of speculation in the local cafes, one ticket buyer decided he'd been bamboozled and consulted a lawyer.
These are films that, thanks to their plot twists, have left us feeling bamboozled and bewildered as the ending credits rolled by.
But more than a few foreign business leaders are asking themselves if they have been bamboozled by the system.
Do not be bamboozled by bamboo: a molecular study of the usda temperate bamboo collection.
Victims didn't even know they were being bamboozled until after they had paid fees.
You're asking me to believe that you were bamboozled into a decision that changed your life.
Those who attempt to operate a business are later bamboozled out of their investments and kicked out of the country.
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