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The unique pattern on the sheets is created when they are dried on bamboo trays.
The floors are reclaimed bamboo, and the workstations are made of a sustainable washed oak.
They were next door to each other, and they had virtually identical bamboo-and-wood decors.
Towering bamboo plants block any glimpse of what lies up above.
Bamboo is being lashed together with colorful rope by a merry band of climbers.
Green tarps and bamboo scaffolding covered dozens of buildings.
Big and bamboo only begin to describe this remarkable construction.
These bamboo-covered slopes are home to the panda, its last refuge from a rapidly encroaching world.
People sat here and there in broken-backed kitchen chairs, sipping tea under the shade of bamboo and burlap.
He sometimes carried a bamboo cane in his right hand, which he leaned on as he walked.
They designed a prototype house built around waterproofed bamboo sheet roofing and bamboo-reinforced concrete walls.
There, near a concrete hole reminiscent of an open-pit mine, clusters of laborers pour cement and lash lengths of bamboo.
Parents should look for ones made from non-toxic plastics, stainless steel, or even sustainable materials such as bamboo.
Bamboo, which grows rapidly and has multiple applications, is ideal to help with these needs.
However, much bamboo is imported and has a long shipping distance.
Its pale green leaves alternate along a branched stalk, resembling a small, delicate bamboo.

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