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Example sentences for balmy

For several years in a row, the weather was unusually balmy.
There's good news besides the relatively balmy weather.
Balmy typically means good things: soothing, mild, pleasant.
The weather is warm and balmy with high humidity all year round.
Not the fear of temperatures dropping in the middle of the night, especially in this balmy winter weather.
But even if the weather had been balmy, and he had been alive and physically capable, the guest of honor wouldn't have showed up.
IN gardening circles, the greenhouse effect is defined as the balmy sensation a nursery can give, especially in winter.
As the sun set, the searing heat of the day gave way to a balmy ocean breeze.
Plant a vine near a patio where you can enjoy its perfume on balmy summer evenings.
The tobacco farthest from the burning tip might be a balmy temperature, from a bacterial point of view.
The planes flew in one direction then another as balmy daylight turned to stormy seas in the darkness.
In a balmy spring breeze, eight police officers lifted the ebony coffin from the hearse and hoisted it to their shoulders.
Besides, the beaches are glorious, the climate is balmy and the mountains are dramatic.
All that sunshine and those balmy days have made gardeners eager to get outside.
Testing convertible gear-tents and sleeping bags that claim to go from balmy to zero in a zip.
The air felt balmy and fresh, nothing but dark blue calm sea and lightening sky.
On balmy nights, parties can erupt spontaneously over bottles of red wine.
Sitting in the villa district over drinks and cigars on a balmy evening, you might almost forget where you are.
Skies variously balmy or apocalyptic evoke a cosmic order unaffected by teetering economic indicators.
As each side gets the upper hand, it changes the weathering rate, which in turn steers the planet between balmy and cold climates.
Spritz on a bit of summer with these bright blends, which recall a balmy, breezy day on the beach.
That, by the standards of such things, is positively balmy.
On the forecastle, headed back to port, the early evening's unsetting sun is positively balmy.
Warm, balmy temperatures usually occur under the ridge.
Balmy sea breezes roll in from the coast cooling the air along the shoreline.
Spring and fall are simply paradise here and winters can be downright balmy.

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