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Although chicken soup is soothing it's balm wares off when the bowl empties.
Soothing town-gown tensions might need the balm of money, and lots of it.
Hurricanes may actually provide a healing balm of sorts for dying coral reefs, a new study shows.
The country reluctantly returned to the dreary reality of ending its conflict without the healing balm of football.
Politicians and pundits alike took it as their job to apply balm.
Making your own lip balm is easy, and it lets you control what goes into the product you're putting on your lips.
Downplaying the results may be a psychological balm that any human being might use, but it does not change the objective facts.
Try planting some bee balm if you want to get a hummingbird's attention.
It's no secret that alcohol is often used as a balm for human frailty.
It's a brace against the whistling winds and quiet nights of the soul, a balm to the free-floating desire for cuddle and comfort.
But if his life has been about anything, it has been about redressing loss and regret through the balm of rediscovery.
For sweet health's sake, herbs to the wine, sprigs of balm to the claret.
McNair was arrested for the murders, but escaped almost immediately by using lip balm to grease his handcuffs.
And the game itself serves as a balm for our daily irritations, an escape from life's worries.
Privilege doesn't always cushion you from the sting of the lash, but it can act as a balm.
Perhaps this ritual was a balm for some people, making them feel better.
But if some of these voices expressed apprehension and prodded readers to action, others comforted and supplied the balm.
Mr g winds up granting humans a fleeting consciousness of his own presence and immortality as a sort of balm to this grief.
It was an almost incredible balm-it soothed so her impression of danger and pain.
Take plenty of high-strength sunblock and lip balm, and if you tend to burn, pack a small bottle of aloe gel.
Lotion and lip balm protect your skin from cracking in wind and cold weather.
Take sunscreen and lip balm, and check about taking snacks and water.
For preventing sunstroke and heat exhaustion, bring along sunscreen, lip balm and salt tablets.
Shoppers will also receive complimentary lip balm and window decals.
Always take a first-aid kit that contains an anti-seasickness medication, extra sunscreen and lip balm.
For such a journey, bring along some sunscreen, lip balm and pocket hand warmers to protect against the elements.
The president will now have to move quickly to form alliances and to apply balm to the wounds he has opened.
Where the wounded have wept, but still needed the balm.
Friendship is the balm as well as the seasoning of life.
The fibrous sod and stunted trees are breathing heavy balm.
Those in which it is followed by lm offer examples: psalm, palm, balm and calm.
It was a perfect balm, after a season of unrelenting scorn and derision.

Famous quotes containing the word balm

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Not all the water in the rough rude sea Can wash the balm off from an anointed king; The breath of worldly ... more
Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love.... more
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