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Example sentences for ballroom

It also has the world's biggest ballroom and a perfectly humungous shopping centre.
Tables were arranged in a huge square around the perimeter of the hotel's main ballroom, with an auctioneer at the head.
The grand ballroom was a sea of formal evening wear: white ties, tails, and elegant gowns.
Every word, every twitch transfixed the packed ballroom.
At times, she was said to have been acting strangely, skipping around a ballroom and doing handstands near the hotel pool.
Then he integrated ballet and ballroom dance into his style.
In their return to the ballroom the stars seized their big shots.
Since the hotel expects to host plenty of social and corporate events, the ballroom is designed to impress guests.

Famous quotes containing the word ballroom

Fashion which affects to be honor, is often, in all men's experience, only a ballroom-code.... more
Fitzgerald describes the social disillusionments and ballroom romanticism of the young people of the upper ... more
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