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As the balloon is inflated, the curvature of the surface diminishes.
As a balloon when fully inflated it bursts by the impact with a pointed object, economically, called value.
It punctures the present: a needle pricking a balloon.
Place each balloon in the center of a sheet of tissue paper.
He then thought about what would happen if a negative hemisphere from one balloon touched the positive hemisphere of another.
The balloon should be large enough to carry the proper surplus of gas and of ballast.
But the effect of that balloon was transferred down onto students and families.
Third, as spending on discretionary items increases, some markets will balloon faster than others.
Gather the paper around the balloon and secure it with a rubber band.
Whether or not a balloon comes down at sea, it is quite likely to reach the ocean eventually.
But the balloon of invincibility had been punctured.
If you are measuring your balloon in feet, that gives you the volume of the balloon in cubic feet.
As a platform drifting quietly across the savannah, a balloon was a wonderfully non-invasive way of filming wildlife.
In space, the fabric would balloon to form compartments.
Under an electron microscope, bugs balloon into terrifying yet beautiful spectacles.
All this has let the industry operate with smaller safety buffers than in the past, and balloon in size.
Get the same bird's-eye view from the basket of a hot air balloon.
He has allowed public spending to balloon and pork-barrel politicians to run wild.
The burden becomes large only when non-core liabilities balloon.
Finally, those big balloon tires will soak up the bumps.
When the balloon gets bigger, the gas inside should spread out and get less dense.
Giant firms can find it more difficult to move quickly, and their costs can balloon.
As in, cut it over here and the balloon must expand over here or the balloon gets smaller.
Under an electron microscope, however, they balloon into terrifying yet beautiful spectacles.
There is enough hot air here to float a balloon around the world twice.
His balloon-selling spiel is one of his highest achievements as ringmaster.
Instead of a balloon, though, he uses a private jet.
The fear is that, as investors buy yen, the losses for the remaining carry traders will balloon.
Oddly, one traditional tool has survived the winnowing: the campaign balloon.
And fees balloon if the borrower needs an extension, as many do.
Without action, it will weaken it further, even as the costs of care for the sick and orphaned balloon.
One mistake was failing to return to the state until the air was already seeping out of his balloon.
And good-government types don't want to see the deficit balloon out of control.
Not by balloon-too scary and balloons only go where the wind goes.
In particular, officials are concerned that a slew of copycat weather balloon launches could pose a risk to commercial aviation.
Instead of calculating the size of the balloon, let me calculate the density of the gas that would be needed to make it work.
Each balloon is connected to narrow channels through which air is pumped.
Now we're deluged daily about the dangers of balloon-sized bladders and melon-shaped prostates.
Today satellites and balloon-based experiments show the pattern they predicted is remarkably accurate.
The balloon rides are offered year-round, weather permitting.
The balloon consists of three elements: the envelope, burner and basket.
They can enjoy wine tasting, relax at a spa and even soar over the valleys and mountains in a balloon.
Guests can make reservations for balloon rides only or vacation packages that include the balloon ride.
See the sites high above the ground in a hot air balloon or browse healthy fare from local farmers markets.
For participants who get up early and want more adventure, each trip offers an optional morning ride in a hot air balloon.
While a horse-drawn carriage is an ideal way to see the city up-close, you can get a bird's-eye view on a hot air balloon ride.
Sprung says the proposal on corporate taxes is a trial balloon.
Think of blowing hot air into a crinkled-up balloon.
Soaring around the world in a balloon is a romantic notion without parallel.
Around two million years ago, however, the human brain began to balloon.
These come from surface temperature and pressure records as well as balloon and satellite surveys.
If the balloon were made of concrete, it wouldn't go anywhere.
To make the paint dance, he carefully lays out his paint droplets on a balloon stretched over a speaker.
He used the femoral-to-aorta-to-coronary conduit to slip a tiny balloon into a patient's partially blocked coronary artery.
Instead of sealing shut against the ventricle's jet, the flaps tended to balloon back into the atrium.
How about floating a balloon over the ship dangling a convex reflector.
If you were to pop a hot air balloon, right, that hot air will dissipate.
He then coated muscle cells on the outside of a balloon-shaped mold made from a biodegradable polymer.
The device consists of a balloon surrounded by tiny plastic tubes.
One can eat too many nuts and balloon to obese levels.
One of my children came into the room with a colorful helium balloon she had received on her birthday.
He and his colleagues get the patient to swallow a plastic tube with a balloon at the end.

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