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Example sentences for balk

New York restaurants balk at rule requiring public posting of calories.
Forget a password, and your own computer may balk at your command.
Senate abandons auto bailout bid after Republicans balk.
Poor nations balk at trade proposals.
While armchair pilots may balk at the idea, you can easily use a regular console-like game pad to maneuver the various aircraft.
Some balk because they consider the work beneath them.
Airlines are cutting back across the world as passengers balk at paying fares that have risen along with fuel costs.
The entire pathway is softly lit, because cows balk at darkness or bright light.
Most physicists balk at that solution, believing it couldn't possibly describe the real universe.
Perhaps those countries balk at football's brutality.
Consumers balk at their heavy price tags, which typically run into the thousands.
Readers may suddenly balk at paying higher prices for thinner products.
For example, medical imaging is such big business that people do not balk at cooling components to such low temperatures.
And buyers may also balk at so much borrowing from so many governments at once.
And perhaps a time will come when networks or fans will balk.
Bankers may balk at this proposal, because it would raise the cost of doing business.
But when some injured players balk, coaches and teammates might consider them loafers and pressure them to return.
Landlords subject guarantors to the same in-depth scrutiny that they give tenants, a searchlight at which parents often balk.

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