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It was used to wrap round bales of hay and donated to us.
The walls are made of tightly packed straw bales held together with bamboo pins and lined with fishing nets.
The walls are made of tightly packed straw bales held together with bamboo pins and covered with fishing nets.
Politicians across the country will kiss babies and make stump speeches from straw bales.
Once, a drug smugglers' plane stuffed with bales of weed and wads of cash crashed in the high country.
Hay bales make an effective temporary skirt, but may not be allowed in some campgrounds.
The ranch has three log cabins in the woods, as well as an eco-friendly cabin made out of straw bales.
We had a delivery of more straw bales for tomatoes, vines, and peppers.
Parsing the case does not require bales of subpoenaed evidence.
Bales of hay, piles of pumpkins, mums and scarecrows adorn homes throughout the fall.
Bales of money, immigrants of every color, fashions of every hue.
Check dam made of straw or hay bales often stacked to provide additional storage capacity.
Bales shall be placed in a single row, with ends of adjacent bales tightly abutting one another.
Bales processed with less moisture yielded inferior yarn.
The bales then shape the walls and provide the insulation.
The bales were individually identified and the density of each was recorded.
Plaster-coated straw bales are as flame-resistant as conventional homes.
If you look closely, you'll notice that the hay bales visible in the picture are not supposed to be in this field.
Cotton or pulp bale clamps that grab and hold bales.

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