baleful in a sentence

Example sentences for baleful

Authenticity now dominates our way of viewing ourselves and our relationships, with baleful consequences.
The polls corroborate the baleful economic portents.
But this time the scare is about more than bad mortgage loans and their baleful effect on the credit markets.
There would be rides on the beach on baleful donkeys, and tooth-jarring, solid-sugar candy called rock.
Worse, it is a picturesque relic with baleful consequences.
Ask economists, sociologists or businessmen what the government should reform and you are often met with a baleful shrug.
The expression in his eyes was baleful, aloof, and slightly suspicious.
The word is so loaded with baleful connotations that it tends to empurple any surrounding prose.
There were no baleful stares at his box, only fist pumps after winning a well-played point.
He had seen the white settlers pour into the valley, and the baleful impact they made on the natives' culture.

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The street-lamps burn amidst the baleful glooms, Amidst the soundless solitudes immense Of ranged mansions ... more
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