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Blue whales are the largest baleen whale species--in fact they are the largest animal in the world.
Pulsing sounds made by technology used to monitor fish stocks may affect how baleen whales communicate, even at great distances.
Baleen whales: rorquals, grey whales, right whales and their relatives.
Explain that humpbacks are baleen whales, which means they don't have teeth.
The largest animal ever to have lived, the blue whale is a marvel of bone and blubber, blowhole and baleen-in immense proportions.
Link to the page on baleen whales and read the section on humpbacks.
Humpback whales, along with all other baleen whales, have a paired blowhole atop their heads.
The right whale is a baleen whale, meaning it has not teeth, but uses baleen plates to strain its prey.
Bowhead whales are baleen whales, which means they do not have teeth, but baleen plates instead.
As bowheads are baleen whales, they filter their food through their long baleen plates.
The migratory baleen humpback whale swims through all the oceans of the world.
Right whales swim through the water with their mouths open, allowing water and plankton to flow through the baleen.
Right whales are baleen whales, they filter their food through their long baleen plates.
The humpback whale is an endangered migratory baleen whale that occurs in all ocean basins of the world.
For example, baleen whales use large baleen plates to sieve small food out of the water.
The remains of fish, walrus, baleen whales and even sea cows help us to more fully picture this long marine ecosystem.
The presence of teeth and one external blowhole distinguishes toothed whales from baleen whales.
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