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And she hadn't told her husband that her head would be bald on his return.
We all age, many of us go bald, there is nothing ugly and unbecoming about being bald.
He was totally bald, although he had buzzed his hair off himself, since he was going to go bald anyway.
Though brightly colored, the vulture's head and neck are bald.
Bald eagles, which feed on fish, altered their food habits.
The birds had long been kept away by bald eagles, which are highly territorial.
Scientists have found a way to grow new hair follicles on your bald bodies using stem cells.
The sun was not up yet, and he was ready to raid the state's only known active bald eagle nest.
Gilman says he is happy to be a fat, bald professor, but he understands that not everyone is so easily satisfied.
They need, it increasingly seems, to conform to certain minimum physical standards: bald pates and paunches are out.
The bald statement that it is more sensible to tax the rich at a higher rate is none scientific.
Scientists expect a boom in bald eagles, bear and other creatures that gorge on salmon.
The head of a bald eagle flashes white as it catches sunlight high in the trees.
When hair loss occurs, a doctor should also rule out other conditions, especially if the bald spots are in patches.
If you'd wear more of those slinky items, they wouldn't sit all folded up in the cabinet to attract the bald feline.
Although he was prematurely bald he could never shake off a look of invincible innocence.
Bald eagles, osprey, a panoply of duck species and other water birds make frequent appearances.
It is an annual rite that has sustained wildlife ranging from bears to bald eagles.
For decades the country's bald eagle population teetered on the edge of extinction.
The area home to many species of birds, including bald eagles.
Bald eagles and ospreys roost in the old cottonwoods that line the gravel shores.
There were remnants of the old cypress swamp, and great blue herons, and bald eagles-lots of them.
We watch for the pair of bald eagles that have lately come to nest in a tall dead oak.
Or perhaps not, if they were recessed far enough that they only touch asphalt when the tire is bald and needs replacing anyway.
The park even has a sanctuary for bald eagles injured in the wild.
At one time, our nation's symbol-the bald eagle-was near extinction.
The bald spot had been enhanced with tanning cream, compensation for the sudden paleness of my newly shorn dome.
Tourists looking skyward may catch a glimpse of a bald eagle or a golden eagle.
Closer to my lofty perch, a bald eagle plunges toward unseen prey in the lake's blue waters.
Two bald eagles landed on a chunk of ice near the bow of the ship and appeared to be sharing a fish.
These examples are rather bald, and overemphasize the method in order to make it clear.
Now nearly bald, he has a fringe of dark hair that is complemented by a graying dark moustache.
And anyone who says otherwise is either seriously out of touch with fact or a bald-faced liar.
He is wearing loose pajamas, and the strand of hair he combs over his bald spot stands straight up.
Maybe it's his bald, ovoid skull or his habit of wearing faux-military uniforms during races.
He is sixty years old, bald and pudgy, and was wearing a purple open-necked shirt with the sleeves rolled up.
Here she is, bald-lifting the squeaky flap of her white rubber bathing hat to tuck out of sight strands of her livid hair.
It's only from above or behind that the now notorious bald spot is visible.
Bald and on the short side, he is self-deprecating and has a wicked sense of humor and a fondness for bad puns.
But a closer look reveals a bald head under a cute hat, a well-fitted wig.
For another, they may never have to worry about going bald.
There's a short bald guy with a bow tie on the cover, emblematic of what happened to my dating life.
Both dolls were bald and expressionless, their ensembles and their environments slightly crude in execution.
His bald head, droopy-eyed expression and prominent nose made people smile and feel comfortable with him.
Bald eagles will congregate near open water in tall trees for spotting prey and to night roost for shelter.
Large gray nests of the bald faced hornet are familiar from their frequent use in natural history displays.
Bald eagles have two subspecies-the northern race and the smaller southern race.
Bald eagles often return to use the same nest and winter roost year after year.
Habitat loss and human disturbance remain as potential threats to the bald eagle's continued recovery.
The bald eagle, our national symbol, was once a rare site in our country.

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