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Two sets of windows add balanced daylight, and thoughtfully placed downlights accent the room at night.
Dig in several inches of compost and a balanced organic fertilizer.
The insert effectively re-creates the balanced heat of a hearth oven.
Salty prosciutto is balanced with tender bites of sweet figs in this elegant topping combination.
On the table, in effect, is a balanced budget amendment with a spending cap.
It could mean that your bank balance dictates how nutritionally balanced your meals are.
The calm water and verdant land are balanced by the children, the cabin and the cattle grazing.
Throw in some veggies and you've got yourself a well-balanced meal in a few minutes.
It's been brief violence balanced by coddling living conditions.
Free to download, it's a helpful guide for how to pull together balanced meals and snacks.
Later, if their from-the-top-down shedding is balanced left and right, they wear sideburns.
Congratulations on a well-written, comprehensive and well-balanced account.
Between thee and me, the scale hangs fairly balanced.
The current government has pursued relatively sound fiscal policies, resulting in balanced budgets and low public debt.
It must be done by all of us going forward with a program aimed at reaching a balanced budget.
Her body is perfectly balanced, she holds herself straight, and yet in nothing suggests a ramrod.
Rising inflation from higher food and energy prices are a risk to balanced economic growth.
Organized by body system, the chapters offer a balanced combination of basic anatomical and physiological information.
For many people, living a healthy, balanced life can seem impossible.
So start training your eye to recognize where the light from all the sources is fairly well balanced.
But a less than mythic appearance is balanced by the graceful way in which dugongs navigate their aquatic environment.
It also was used in the effort to create a more multicultural, balanced approach to history and sociology.
Insects are needed to establish balanced compost ecology.
The bright light on the mountain face is perfectly balanced by the deep light in its reflection.
All of the animals in our collections receive supplemental nutritionally balanced diets.
Most fish float upright comfortably because their bladders keep them balanced.
Seven bright red handprints on the left balanced six faint yellow ones on the right.
But balanced against that are warning signs-hints that northern ecosystems could soon turn against us.
All of this helps wildlife by maintaining a balanced environment or ecosystem for them to live in.
Now imagine turning the table about its center while keeping the first three legs grounded, or balanced.
The article spotlighted a few cases in which various stakeholders felt this balanced approach was missing.
Participants also looked at photos of groups where the gender ratios were either varied or balanced.
Perhaps it was all good-will and balanced trade negotiations.
High yielding and efficient, but far from healthy as an ecologically balanced and sustainable environment.
We should stop sensationalizing and keep a rational, balanced prospective.
There are more politics here than meet the eye, and a responsible journalist would have written a more balanced story.
As long as it's balanced in its approach to cost and benefit.
It's quite easy to eat a balanced diet as a vegan, thanks.
When materialism is balanced by objective reality, it would also balance choices and behaviour including consumption.
While that view has some merit, it needs to be balanced with the individuals as well.
But diplomatic exchanges between the two countries are more finely balanced.
By law the city's five-year fiscal plan must be balanced annually.
And above all else ensure your government prioritize a balanced budget.
Such freedom may test the limits of democracy, in which rights to speech are balanced by duties to privacy and security.
The almost operatic intensity of the story is balanced by the group's own belief in night dancers.
On the other hand, a profusion of stressed, smaller fish may actually be a sign of a balanced ecosystem.
Strong art and music programs are balanced with growing research in a number of sustainable energy areas.
The piece was thoughtful, well-balanced, and highly informed.
Now and then, a little more balanced light should be shed on our colleges and universities.
Each is organized as a clear hierarchy rather than as a balanced triangle.
There is a fee, but it usually is somewhat balanced by the much more favorable exchange rate.
Good scholarship demands that these be included in any balanced story of how to increase graduation rates.
It's the right pH balanced lubricant drops for eyes.
It is a matter of whether they are balanced, able to give, happy to be alive.
Bank ads spurn conspicuous consumption and trumpet the more lasting treasures of a well-balanced life.
Success in employment-seeking should be balanced against the effort it takes.
My particular market is usually pretty balanced between jobs and applicants.
Its lightweight frame is perfectly balanced for an artist's hand.
Slender body and beveled edges make for a super comfortable, well-balanced axe.
The mix of features looks to be about right, balanced between consumer-friendly gimmicks and full-on-manual controls.
Shutter lag was basically non-existent, and images were sharp and nicely balanced in all situations.
Ideally, you're trying to throw the same speed the airplane glides at balanced, un-powered flight velocity.
Now, amateur photographers can produce artfully balanced images with a new digital-processing algorithm.
While balanced trade is healthy for both parities, a trade deficit exports a nations wealth.
Balanced against this is the properties of the joins between the tiles, which are unlikely to be as invisible as the tiles.
As with almost any endeavor, the benefits of online labor have to be balanced against the disadvantages.
The risk that the clinical trial will fail is more than balanced by the chance to sell the drug to millions more people.
Most observers concede that both private rights and the public good need to be balanced in some way.
There are other ways which are already proven to control insulin, such as exercise and a balanced diet.
It's balanced cacophony: there's search, reviews, and comments swirling around these pages.
And the four next-closest south-spikes are diametrically balanced.
They have balanced cost, versatility, and patriotism.
But as the knowledge-based economy evolves, such arguments must be balanced against the claims of technological progress.
We need a balanced mix of technologies and people with the skills and professionalism to apply and manage them.
She was rail thin, with a wide face and terrifyingly subtle and balanced facial geometry.
All are notable for their sinuous line and their exquisitely balanced composition.
It's remarkably affecting, balanced and reliable-and it offers a rare perspective.
Usually balanced between tradition and innovation, the festival this year leans more toward the new.
Without looking cramped, his well-balanced panels began to teem with crowds of individually articulated figures.
In a well-regulated and well-balanced economy, greed helps to keep the system expanding.
Even a balanced and reasonable individual is likely to fail in this situation.
Admittedly divisive, when balanced it's a delicious drink.
Not sweet as in sugary, but sweet as in balanced, as opposed to harsh or bitter.
But the straightforwardness of grilling is nicely balanced by an intriguing complexity.
The tasting did prove that it's possible to make balanced wine even with high levels of alcohol.
Its heartiness, however, is balanced by the simplicity of its sauces.
We have heard about that incredible climate, balanced by the unchanging temperature of the sea.
Soon ready but superbly balanced, they should have ft long and glorious life.
Our vines are therefore strong and healthy and give balanced fruit.
The road to recovery is fraught with peril, but now is the time for a more balanced, humane policy.
One wonders, had he spent a little more time on each film, if they might have achieved a more balanced and integrated tone.
Winter or summer, it's a perfectly balanced blend of sweetness and caffeine for a quick jolt of energy and goodness.
The thing is constructed and balanced around a heavy steel wheel that is moved by a series of chains.
Her exigent private manner is balanced, in public, by a universal graciousness.
He'd been finishing up budget negotiations and arrived at a number, however phony, where the budget could be declared balanced.
They were intelligent, well-balanced people, and they checked themselves to see if they were not over-reacting.
It will for instance require that the budgetary position of a member state be balanced or in a surplus.
He was agile, and in daylight could scale this keenly balanced mound in fifteen seconds.
But such gains for artistic patrimony must be balanced against the risks of travel.
He hauled me up in the air and balanced me on his knee, his pipe an inch from my face.
The government's budget is balanced as long as those revenues equal expenditures.
Many of us have felt that in this post-war period the budget should be balanced.
Tax cuts, balanced by cuts in government expenditures, stimulate economic growth and employment.
Healthcare professionals usually endorse a balanced diet plus regular exercise as the formula for fitness.
There are good arguments for balanced-budget tax increases.
The immigration surplus has to be balanced against the cost of providing services to the immigrant population.
Iowans are pragmatic and balanced, and they live within their means.
If you report facts in a fair-and-balanced manner, then readers can judge the story for themselves based on those facts.
Nothing could be more unfortunate for balanced thought.
Weight-loss diets must do two things: restrict calories, and provide balanced nutrient intake.
Well, then the discussion becomes a little more balanced.
And the country enjoyed a couple of decades of relatively well-balanced prosperity.
It was not balanced, members of the team contended in a series of calls and emails.
Researchers say a wandering mind may be important to setting goals, making discoveries, and living a balanced life.
In apes, the gluteus works to prevent that and helps keep their bodies balanced.
In other words the psychic satisfaction would be balanced by the fact that the punisher would the poorer for it.
Rather there is a balanced system known as the brain.
In fact, roaches fed a poor-quality diet matured more slowly and were fatter than those fed a well-balanced one.
The large, heavy helmets with their imposing visors were exquisitely balanced, imposing little strain on the neck.
Additionally, the variance will be lower as you change the proportions so that they are less balanced.
But their harmful effects can be balanced by natural selection.
All vertebrates, ourselves included, use hair cells in the inner ear to keep ourselves balanced.
When it's balanced, the individual has fewer chromosomes but all the required genetic material, and matures normally.
Its body is perfectly balanced, even when its leg is raised far off the ground.

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