balance of trade in a sentence

Example sentences for balance of trade

We are racking up record monthly balance of trade deficits.
With other nations the balance of trade is either against us, or not much in our favour.
Both our balance of trade and our ability to invest abroad would be strengthened.
US has been buying supplies for military and foreign aid abroad to help countries with unfavorable balance of trade.
The crowd, eager for something more lyrical than the balance of trade, agreed.
The cost is part of the balance of trade problem and the cost in manpower is unjustified.
But mathematically all nations cannot have a positive balance of trade.
The streets have been filled with imported goods, such that the balance of trade has deteriorated.
The benefits of global trade are writ quite plainly in the balance of trade--better yet in the balance of trade ex raw materials.
They have a negligible effect on import, export and balance of trade statistics.
They have a negligible effect on aggregate import, export and balance of trade statistics.
Preservation or enhancement of job opportunities and improvements in balance of trade are two prominent examples.
Agriculture and forestry will continue to play a major role in maintaining our nation's balance of trade.
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