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The balance of power in such relationships always tips in the direction of the professor.
The balance of power has remained unchanged for this year's tournament.
It also signals a real danger to the balance of power between users and megacompanies.
As with all upheavals, there will be a messy chapter before clarity sets in and the actual balance of power becomes evident.
Even if one were achieved, it would be unlikely to greatly affect the underlying balance of power.
But once the acceptance letters go out, the balance of power changes.
With industrialization the balance of power between the generations shifted.
Astoundingly, the new balance of power has been effected with scarcely a hint of discord or even debate.
But now the balance of power has shifted in the courtroom.
It's apparent that nothing in this world is immutable-neither the balance of power, the meaning of prurience nor physical beauty.
The trend reflects a shifting balance of power in favor of workers.
But a new balance of power, not all that different from the previous one, is emerging.
Even so, the new management paradigm now taking shape in the emerging world has big implications for the global balance of power.
It will also shift the balance of power between the industry and giant retailers.
And all this is going on as the economic balance of power is shifting.
The rise of this new hybrid has led to a dramatic change in the balance of power between the state and the market.
It may be some time before a new balance of power becomes evident.
The change in tone also reflects an upheaval in the balance of power between companies.
The balance of power depends on the relative scale as well as the direction of trade flows.
By themselves, these cases will do little to shift the balance of power from the army to the civilians.
By altering the balance of power between users and journalists.
In some countries former fringe parties have joined the mainstream, often holding the balance of power.
The balance of power is now shifting back from risk-takers to those who police them internally.
But they should not expect a large shift in the balance of power.
All this combined with the historical signs that whenever the balance of power shifts in the world, conflict always ensues.
The soap firms argued that the threat of exile from shelves meant retailers held the balance of power.
Moreover, the balance of power among investors is shifting-to the disadvantage of diversified companies.
Yet the drug-financed warlords who hold the balance of power are still rooted in the tribal system.
The findings are expected to influence how funds are allocated and the relative balance of power between the various agencies.
Had their votes counted, they would have tipped the balance of power firmly back to the nationalists.
The balance of power between the two countries has shifted.
The basic military question is hence how to shift the balance of power away from him and toward the rebels.
Say-on-pay votes and other measures that empower shareholders and outside directors are meant to shift that balance of power.
At the same time, she is interested in preserving the balance of power between the branches of government.
Foreign spies know that military superiority is merely one factor that determines the world's balance of power.
The great strength of this nation must be used to promote a balance of power that favors freedom.

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