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Their long tails, which account for half of their five-foot frame, help them balance on small branches.
The wrong inflicted upon him should be taken into account and the balance placed to his credit.
Members can access their account information, such as account number, level and point balance.
Compare your point balance with the redemption schedule.
The behavior of the atmosphere too can be explained by a balance sheet--not one of money, but of energy.
While it may seem impossible at first, there are things you can do to bring more balance into your life.
Many philosophies strive for balance.
In these hurried times it's getting harder and harder to balance work, family & technology.
One combines butter and shortening for flavor and texture balance.
The longest current playoff streak in professional sports hangs in the balance.
My laptop doesn't balance on the couch very well and my iPhone is a bit small for web surfing at home.
True balance requires assigning realistic performance expectations to each of our roles.
Obviously, one way to get more mileage out of a regular or analysis account is to increase the balance.
Some associations are unable to balance their budgets and are living off investments from better days.
The train swayed, and I caught the door for balance.
It needs to be in balance with the acidity and alcohol.
Perfect balance of florals and peaches, richness and acidity.
Most important, its delicate balance and structure make it an incredible food wine.
Nearly all have small bases that make you start asking questions about balance-first in the piece, then in art, then in life.
It's built upon using the run game to establish balance.
Then maybe the planet can start getting back to a balance.
Expedited removal of insect eaters and natural plant propagators from the biological ecosystem will upset the natural balance.
The photographed blooms possess an unusual balance of both depth and focus, qualities often mutually exclusive.
The hand relinquishing balance to adjust a cap in the rain.
It could mean that your bank balance dictates how nutritionally balanced your meals are.
But others are meant to be further aged in the bottle, allowing them to develop what is considered the perfect balance of flavors.
It is responsible for coordinating muscle movement and controlling our balance.
Students will learn about the balance in the reef ecosystem among sharks and other carnivorous fish, their prey, and algae.
Learn how simply turning off your camera's automatic white balance can turn drab, lifeless photos into amazing shots.
To balance the mobile, slide the loop left or right, until the mobile hangs straight.
Managers must balance open access with negative impacts on visitor experience and on park environments.
Mountain goats have cloven hooves with two toes that spread wide to improve balance.
Government policies explicitly promote health, well-being, and a balance between work and home life.
But over the past half century, the balance has been lost, perhaps irrevocably.
Charges will appear on your wireless bill, or be deducted from your prepaid balance.
All cats are nimble and agile, and their long tails aid their outstanding balance.
Yet these fascinating snakes and many others are important to the balance of life in this lush tropical land.
Sharp eyesight helps them judge distances well, and the cats use their long tails to maintain balance.
There is good and bad in the world, and the whole lesson in life is to keep everything in balance.
They are relatives of goats, and have balance-aiding split hooves and rough hoof bottoms for natural grip.
One of the biggest complaints from photographers of every hardware allegiance is the color balance of their images.
But the balance will tilt, and when it does, humans will follow in the footsteps of our robotic creations.
They'll keep you on balance as long as you stay off the single track.
Weapons to disrupt balance or cause artificial fevers.
With other nations the balance of trade is either against us, or not much in our favour.
Steps will be taken aimed at restoring the balance between the various levels of government.
But no one who holds the balance true can share these feelings.
Therefore in the balance between the pleasure of general society and the pain of absolute solitude, pain is the predominant idea.
At one wedding the ushers counted two beats as one and the pace was so slow that they all wabbled in trying to keep their balance.
Another means to curb them is to balance them by others as proud as they.
True shared governance attempts to balance maximum participation in decision making with clear accountability.
The second uses them but pays off the balance every month.
The third carries a balance and merely pays the minimum every month.
My first attempt at this exercise showed me how out-of-balance my life was.
Those on the panel said it was also the president's role to instill a sense of balance on the leadership team.
In the past, the state has opted to retain a portion of the proceeds of tuition increases in order to balance the state budget.
Many workplaces talk about helping employees balance family and work.
There is the inevitable clash between my desire for a permanent academic job and the reality of my bank balance.
However, teaching a course while doing research can provide a welcome balance in your life.
The ideal tax system strikes a balance between efficiency and equity.
The balance of economic power in the world is changing.
In the balance is the secret or, better, the success of management.
In trying to prevent off-balance-sheet lending, regulators may push credit off-off-balance-sheet.
Meanwhile, suppliers demand instant payment from companies with weak balance-sheets and equity investors downgrade the shares.
About one-third of credit-card users do not carry a balance month to month.
It does, however, increase the pressure to balance the budget.
But it reflects an out-of-date world order, not the current global balance, let alone a future one.
In fact, many firms still have a long way to go to repair their ravaged balance sheets.
Move slowly and deliberately, staying aware of things you can grasp to retain your balance.
We have quite a few egg dishes because eggs are the perfect food in terms of macronutrient balance.
When cooking with them, the tannins fairly leap out of the skins, and in goes the sugar to achieve balance.
The jelly was made and remade to get perfect balance of the cider's sweetness and the cinnamon's tang.
At the same time, be warned also that you can spoil a dish by being too lavish and upsetting the balance of the ingredients.
They've always had more oak than ripe fruit, more balance than power.
What you see above is a chart of its balance over the last several weeks.
At first, the principal balance increases for several years.
In particular, they will have to tell consumers how long it will take to pay off the balance if only making the minimum payment.
And on balance, the medical community seems to be growing more open to alternative medicine's possibilities, not less.
In any major economy, policymakers aim to calibrate a balance between growth and inflation.
When it comes to customers and shareholders, the bank can be a little bit craftier about striking a balance.
The bad news is that the balance still isn't quite right.
Any serious effort to balance the federal budget will require significant cuts in defense spending.
When the trough is full, its balance point is again at the center.
Some patients describe dizziness not as a sensation in their head, but rather as a feeling of being off-balance when walking.
Statins have actually been on-balance a great success story but every remedy has a downside.
Rarely does a corporate world view seek an equitable balance between shareholder, customer and employee.
The planet's reflectivity strongly affects this balance.
Employers who provide for mental health care may cultivate a better balance sheet as well as a happier lunch room.
The brain is continually trying to strike a balance between too much and too little nerve cell activity.
That's right, the elderly gain a better sense of balance when they exercise to piano music.
The thesis of the film, if it has one, is that cities are an example of balance.
What you want to achieve is curiosity and courage to try and this is much harder to achieve because it needs the right balance.
We are acidifying the ocean and fundamentally changing its remarkably delicate geochemical balance.
Well-planned communities balance natural and artificial spaces.
Each powerful sprinter, poised to explode when the gun went off, was keenly aware of what hung in the balance.
On balance, those favoring net neutrality make the better case.
Be aware that there is always balance in the universe.
All parents struggle to find the right balance between encouragement and discipline when it comes to raising their kids.
In the later stages of physical therapy, the robot can nudge patients off balance to help them learn to recover.
No educated experimental work with the goal of restoring natural balance is a cosmetic surrender to the unknown.
These are tools for a caregiver and will help bring balance to a care plan.
The trick was to get the pH balance and temperature right for the mixture of enzymes and microorganisms the researchers selected.
The balance of the weekend was devoted to workshops and opportunities for alumni to meet and share ideas.
With expensive balance-of-system costs, putting in higher efficiency panels might be worth a higher price.
Digital video, on the other hand, has had to balance image resolution against the huge amount of data collected.
But they've had a difficult time finding the right balance.
There is no easy answer to the question of how to best balance medical expediency with social consequences.
The robot has a gyroscope to help maintain its balance and stabilizing arms to help right it if it slides off track.
Although the boat has evolved--it's now in its fifth generation--its great balance remains its defining feature.
Civilization may have been hanging in the balance, but the prime minister wanted his bath.
Our dollar is weak, our deficit frightening, our trade balance alarming.
The balance of probability is against him, but the idea is intriguing and must not be dismissed.
Sometimes it happened according to the designs of bankers and developers and the brutal logic of balance sheets.
Learning how to balance necessary solitude and necessary gregariousness.
The course of government is to steer to the middle, to balance the general good and personal rights, giving to each its due.
If he could resolve contradictions, he could also lose his balance between extremes.
He struck a balance between the topographic and the idyllic, between construction and invention.
By a wide margin, the biggest threat to our nation's balance sheet is the skyrocketing cost of health care.
There needs to be some balance and there's no balance.
His body straightens and tilts forward far beyond the point of balance.
Fiery and fruity, it's notable for the subtle balance of spice and citrus, and the impeccable quality of the fish.
When events unfold in such a way as to make the universe seem indifferent, it is as if the world has tilted from its balance.
Each season, the writer's balance gets worse, and sometimes he falls.
The supply of food and the demand for it came into balance again: farm prices started to rise.
Achieving a balance between career and family success.
The hydrating oil mix helps to re-balance the complexion and accelerate healing.
He crouched low on the board, with his arms out for balance and his feet locked into the straps.
He has a delicate balance between anxiety and infatuation.
The future of their company, which had been hanging in the balance for months, was at stake.
In the case of the flowers, though the new big vase did wonders for the window, it threw off the balance of the room.
Disputes on the meaning of budget balance would likely end up in the courts, resulting in judge-made economic policy.
There's more work coming in, though, so find a way to balance it all.
As people grow older, they may have difficulty with their balance.
Pay the balance due on your current-year tax return.
He said the woes of the commercial property had not yet been reflected fully on bank balance sheets.
The sense of balance may be the simplest of the senses and therefore the easiest to redirect in the brain.
Also, the constraint on evolutionary rate is a balance between population allele supply, selection pressures and population size.
He found that a bike could then still balance itself.
Even many industry leaders worry that the current mix of private and public funding is out of balance, however.
The benzodiazepines can then be tapered off gradually while the brain resets its balance.
And a standing army is as risky to a space program's balance sheet as it is to a nation's balance sheet.
So your brain gets the wrong information about balance.
Charged particles of soot appear to respond to the electric field, throwing the flame off balance.
Population was, and will always be the biggest problem in maintaining this balance.
In choosing the landing site, scientists had to balance many factors.
Science is a balance of trust versus skepticism, even at the best of times.
After they've doled out some positive verdicts, they are compelled to dish out some negative ones for balance.
If the grid goes out of balance, power surges can damage transmission lines and equipment.
She felt dizzy and off-balance and seemed to shuffle.
Germs and people have always coexisted, but occasionally the balance gets out of whack.

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