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Jumping the queue for fresh baked goods will be a lot harder if the whole neighborhood is following the same bakery, for instance.
One writer who ran up a considerable tab eventually went into the bakery business and tried to pay her back in ganache cakes.
If you happen to be near a bakery at closing time, ask the proprietor if you could give those baked goods a home instead.
Or you purchased an overpriced pastry at a bakery because it somehow reminded you of a treat from your childhood.
For many years one of the joys of my modest job was the jail bakery program, which taught the skills of pastry and bread making.
Whereas the commercial bakery brand can go a week or more without going stale.
If you were a bakery that only made bread it only makes sense to try bagels and tortillas if donuts are going out of style.
The college already had students working in the bakery, and a group of them were enthusiastic about the idea.
If those are the questions that keep you awake at night, you might consider a major in bakery science.
But buying it in those days meant you were subjecting your family to whatever sanitary conditions existed at the bakery.
Former bordello now has four rooms with private baths, and a bakery that turns out scones and muffins.
Then there is the in-store bakery, which can be smelt before it is seen.
Most of the chefs came from families that had someone who worked in a bakery and was an influence.
Bakery vans have been placed end to end across the street, blocking all access.
But if you can get hold of a finished product, you'll be in bakery heaven.
Winding streets lined with style-setting shops-and one telegenic bakery-make for ideal aimless strolls.
The bakery also features a lunchroom with a glorious garden out back.
It was obvious from the way they talked what expensive bakery this cake would be coming from.
Get them at the bakery or in the grocer's baking section.
Small round tables seat couples and small groups, and the bakery also has a large wooden communal table.
Then, as a secondary opportunity to raise money, have each member or family create a delicious bakery-style item.
Produce grown in the organic garden is served in the café, bakery and shop.
The bakery worked better for the partnership than the country.
The two adjoining buildings included a bakery, a shop, and an upstairs residence.
Or a bakery that also offers free conference room rentals to the public.
He set the white bakery box on the kitchen table, then turned to get a knife.
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