baked beans in a sentence

Example sentences for baked beans

But attach them to millions of cans of baked beans, and the cost starts to mount up.
Tell them it's too damned serious over here to be talking about hot dogs and baked beans and things we're missing.
The creamed spinach was another favorite, along with those unforgettable baked beans.
Sides include baked beans, macaroni and cheese and homemade cole slaw.
Sit in the tea room or outside for a pot of tea with scones, or order a meat pie and baked beans.
Appetizers include mini barbecue pork sandwiches, zesty baked beans and homemade chili.
The barbecue joint features smoked pork, ribs and chicken, as well as such side dishes as fried okra and baked beans.
Foods such as baked beans, pretzels, baked chips and low-fat cookies are other sources of carbohydrate.
And baked beans, exceptionally creamy after their long simmer in the oven, can be made into perfect vegan fare.
These baked beans are surprisingly sweet, though they contain no added sugars.
Or the hot dog and baked beans, the brown bread and cut-up spaghetti with tomato sauce that our group shared.
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