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Lobsters taste nearly the same when placed in dripping-pan and baked fifteen minutes in hot oven, and are much easier cooked.
Place a whole baked ham in the oven fifteen minutes before serving time, that outside fat may be heated.
Meats cooked in a range oven, though really baked, are said to be roasted.
Duties upon flour and meal when ground at the mill, and upon bread when baked at the oven, take place in many countries.
The best are encased in flaky puff pastry and baked on the walls of an earthen kiln instead of an oven.
Seriously, though, my mom won't even eat cookies the day after they're baked or any kind of leftovers.
It will be seen that the baked apple and the raw egg are near the winning post, the egg being tied by the fish.
How quickly bread goes stale depends on what ingredients are in it, how it was baked, and the storage conditions.
The tedious naysayers with their half-baked arguments are only seeking attention here that they can't get in their daily lives.
Remove crusts from a long loaf of freshly baked water bread.
Also a large thin cake of flour and water baked in hot ashes.
The bulls are in richly coloured enamel on baked brick.
The knife must never be used to scoop baked potato out of the skin, or to butter potato.
Those who were too poor to offer a pig on this day baked cakes of dough, and offered them instead.
The next evening he baked his last cake and divided it with the dog.
Baked in a tall spring-form pan, the cheesecake has a golden exterior and a smooth interior.
It also makes a fantastic glaze for baked or grilled chicken, fish, or vegetables.
Boiled, baked or steamed, potatoes are rich in nutrients.
Eating baked goods from local bakeries often cost less than eating at a restaurant or a hotel.
All guests receive free daily continental breakfast and freshly baked cookies in the evening.
Each dinner order is accompanied by home-baked bread, relish, a salad and potatoes.
Taste the free coffee, fruit and fresh baked cookies in the lobby.
No, it's the emotions that get microwaved, and the self-control baked.
The site shop is well-stocked with all the usual camping essentials, and also sells freshly baked bread.
Deep spruce forests, sun-baked granite, and cool waters give visitors a glimpse of how geology and the sea shape the land.
The sushi and sashimi are a treat and the baked salmon is also a winner.
Every afternoon the innkeepers provide hot tea and freshly baked cookies for guests.
Pour the hot syrup over baked pudding until it is completely absorbed.
If you happen to be near a bakery at closing time, ask the proprietor if you could give those baked goods a home instead.
But a hot sun baked the city for two weeks straight.
In a land baked by sun, she makes sunshine the answer.
My favorites are roasted garlic potatoes, loaded and baked.
The rocks occasionally tumble from the hills onto the baked plain.
It dishes up lip-smacking seafood dishes, from baked mussels to grilled fish and prawns.
The result is a sun-baked set of compressors, pipes, filters and condensers surrounded by a high chain-link fence.
Thoroughly abstract, the eerie, iconic shapes had all the power of sun-baked ancient ruins.
Apparently, sci-fi fandom merchandisers became obsessed with kitchenette baked goods at some point.
The aromas of freshly baked bread and ripe peaches wafted up from vendors' wooden carts.
There were yams, candied or simply baked and buttered.
The first failure, he said, was a tendency to run inaccurate or half-baked stories because of the pressure to deliver scoops.
But attach them to millions of cans of baked beans, and the cost starts to mount up.
Governments around the region have responded with all manner of half-baked energy-saving measures.
Your correspondent enjoyed baked scampi in a spicy peanut coating, served on a green papaya salad.
With this much pain baked into the system, something has to give.
Along the way the astronauts would be bombarded by cosmic radiation and risk being baked by unpredictable solar flares.
Of course, one can obtain a half baked academic education through extensive and protracted independent study.
Apples and strawberries baked with a crumbly almond- macaroon topping make a simple, tart-sweet dessert.
The circulating heat can be a liability for delicate baked goods such as custards.
And since they're baked instead of fried, there's no need to worry about overdoing it.
Tuck in baked chips and a sports bottle with pomegranate juice.
Use instead of butter to season baked potatoes or baked sweet potatoes.
Loaves of freshly baked bread were cooling on racks by the window.
Dessert is the huckleberries, skillet-baked into a rustic cobbler.
Deli-cafe serves good salads, pizzas, and sandwiches on house-baked breads.
And, not knowing exactly what kind of mood you're in, fresh-baked cookies and fresh fruit.
Children, and half-baked adults, were in danger of becoming ruminants.
They reported that their parents had baked a flat, unleavened bread in the spring.
The pre-dawn aroma of fresh baked bread remains with me to this day.
We think he must mean red velvet cake, which is common, though not nearly as common as the magnificent pies that are baked here.
To increase their yield, the chemists took a batch of preformed buckyballs and baked them in helium at high pressure.
Used in shortening for baked goods and in combination with vegetable oils for frying foods.
Not only that, but many social sciences have normative biases baked into the cake of their disciplines.
Not sure if anything ever came from the meeting they had, and in the article it still seems rather half-baked.
Although the science was questionable and the politics were the usual half-baked compromises.
If you are looking for that lovingly home baked taste you really have come to the wrong place.
At one of the meat counters, pies were being baked before your eyes.
Antipasti run the usual gamut of calamari, baked clams, and mozzarella sticks.
In higher education, the reform story isn't so fully baked yet, but its main elements are emerging.
He was drinking tea, eating a baked apple, one of twelve my sister baked for him every ten days.
They're not baked on-site, but those who demand their pie hot can have it nuked.
Home-baked breads would give the kitchen a solid country air.
Allergy sufferers, please note that these were baked in a facility that employs nuts.
That's why the travel they prefer is going to the kitchen to see if there is any baked ham and cold beer left in the fridge.
Hot roofs and pavements, baked by the sun, warm the air blowing over them.
Another bowl holds bread baked by the monks, from their own wheat.
Hardtack was a simple dried bread made out of flour and water, baked into a moisture-free rock to prevent spoilage.
The rafts baked along with their occupants, emitting a bitter smell.
She puts on a pot of tea and brings out some fresh-baked sugar cookies.
These popovers are best when baked at the last minute, but you can make the batter ahead.
Because the loaf is baked without a loaf pan, there's plenty of well-browned crust to go around.
The creamed spinach was another favorite, along with those unforgettable baked beans.
Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, the mats' stick-free surfaces produce perfect baked goods time and time again.
We've all seen extreme tanners--those overly bronzed folks who have baked themselves to an otherworldly color.
It lights the baked forms with a harsh kind of super-reality.
It is perhaps equally true that no bread would ever have been baked without philosophy.
These cookie-cutter ads, to put it mildly, are half-baked.
The walls of the cliff are baked white from explosions.
Locals clean their messy fingers on the fresh-baked flatbread served alongside, but it is almost a pity.
So anxious, in fact, that some of them set deadlines for themselves that made it impossible to ship fully-baked products.
But eating a baked potato is tantamount to eating a cupful of sugar.
Many of the ingredients in it were already baked into the economy and were simply laid bare by the financial crisis.
Nutritional impact of whole grain ingredients on the composition of ready-to-eat breakfast cereals and baked products.
Specializing in one of a kind wedding, birthday, and other special occasion cakes and baked goods.
Carefully remove the baked shad to a platter or work surface, using spatulas.

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