baitfish in a sentence

Example sentences for baitfish

Tiny squid and baitfish were always jetting onto the stern steps.
In addition, baitfish, crab and shrimp are plentiful throughout summer.
Fish diseases can also be spread through the careless use of baitfish.
Fishing is permitted by pole and line and casting net for baitfish only.
In these places, suitable baitfish are virtually nonexistent.
The borax is added to toughen the baitfish so they will stay on the hook better and last longer.
Special regulations exist for the transportation of baitfish.
It is illegal to transport any fish in water away from the water body from which it was caught, except for legal baitfish.
Do not release live baitfish into any body of water.
Some anglers use large lures, on the theory that it matches the size of a baitfish that has grown all summer.
The use of baitfish is prohibited to help protect the brook trout fishery.
As a result, restrictions on the use of baitfish and transportation of live fish have been enacted.
Sodium bicarbonate, used by baitfish farmers reportedly reduces pH levels.
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