baited in a sentence

Example sentences for baited

Lethal traps baited with fly-attracting pheromones are another option.
But the images show the large squid aggressively attacking a baited line.
The birds get tangled in longline hooks, which are baited with squid and other tasty morsels.
If the baited traps are untouched for a few days and no droppings remain, your work is done.
Forty of these are baited and laid down in buoyed lines overnight, to be retrieved at dawn the following day.
As a hunter, you are responsible for determining whether or not a field is baited.
Forty-seven percent of all animals caught were from baited traps.

Famous quotes containing the word baited

...in vain is the net baited while the bird is looking on...... more
While he hears in every spring How the birds do chirp and sing: Or before the hounds in cry See the hare go stealing by:... more
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